FAQs for Insulation

1. Some manufacturers say radiant barrier can save over 30% on my energy bills. Can I expect to save that much?

We consider a 30 percent claim very optimistic in most climate regions, even for our product, which is demonstrably superior to ordinary radiant barriers. The amount you’ll save with Radiaflect™ will depend on many factors: the orientation of your home, the roof area, the climate extremes in your region and the efficiency of other features of your home, such as windows, doors and exterior walls. Based on our own tests and others, and the experience of our customers, energy savings around 20-25 percent are more realistic.

2. I’ve heard about E-value vs. R-value. What does that mean? And why is it important?

R-value is the traditional method of measuring the effectiveness of insulation. What it actually measures is resistance to heat transfer via convection and conduction. E-value specifically measures the ability to prevent heat transfer via radiant emission. And since radiant emission is by far the largest component of energy loss in your home, E-value can be more important than R-value in determining the effectiveness of your attic insulation.

3. R-Value is specified in the building codes as a measure of energy efficiency. If emissivity is an important factor, why don’t the codes reference E-value as well as R-value?

Most building codes were written at a time when the technology to produce useful reflective insulation didn’t exist. Rising energy costs and modern manufacturing technologies are accelerating the move toward reflective insulation. In the years ahead, building codes will no doubt “reflect” this change.

4. Will an under-rafter or between-rafter installation generate enough heat to shorten the life of my roof?

Installed with air space above it, reflective insulation raises roof temperature five degrees at most: not enough to damage or shorten the life of your roof. A Radiaflect installation will not void the warranty offered by major roofing manufacturers.

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