Have ugly Siding? Our customers don’t!

Your home wouldn’t be nearly as special if it just looked like everyone else’s. That’s why we offer a full line of siding products from Cedar Ridge and James Hardie. We want to give you the options you need to pick out a picture perfect exterior that you will love and be proud of. Our Cedar Ridge siding is a high-performance composite siding with a foam backing. Since it’s composite, it won’t crack, chip, chalk, or fade like normal vinyl siding. James Hardie siding is made out of cement and is referred to as “fiber-cement” siding. James Hardie is extremely durable, distinctly beautiful, and offers the same charm as wood.

Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge siding is extremely energy efficient, it is very low maintenance, and is WAY MORE attractive than regular vinyl siding. Cedar Ridge composite siding also provides for extreme strength. It is proven to be 300% stronger than vinyl siding, and leverages a yield strength that is equivalent to 1/8” piece of aluminum. This means our customers don’t have to worry about punctures, cracks, or holes. The advanced technology of Cedar Ridge also provides superb resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations. This means it will maintain the same strength regardless of temperature, making it ideal for your home application. Whatever your design requirements, Cedar Ridge has newer, better, and more attractive options for you. The truth is that normal vinyl siding is becoming a thing of the past. Cedar Ridge will:

  • Lower you energy Costs. Cedar Ridge features an unprecedented 4R Value which means your home stays cooler longer in the summer and warmer longer in the winter. (Just to give you an idea of just how energy efficient this siding is, a 1R Value is equivalent to the insulation value of 1 inch of wood).
  • Reduce outside noise. The Cedar Ridge Solid core backing is nothing short of startling when it comes to making your home quieter. In fact, its noise reduction properties are approximately 45% greater than plain vinyl siding.
  • Give you peace of mind. Cedar Ridge offers a Lifetime protection plan, 17 gorgeous colors, it’s maintenance free (no more painting!), has a seamless appearance…this list can keep going for a long time…

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