3 FAQ’s about composite decking


Are you tired of maintaining your old, rotting, wood deck? Composite Decking may be the solution!

If you will notice, I said it MAY be the solution. Honestly composite is not the material for everyone. If you are a Termite, Woodpecker, or Carpenter Ant, then you will want to stick with a wood product, but if you are a Human, then Composite Decking is for you! Before you choose a composite deck you should be informed. Here are a few FAQ’S on our composite decking


  • Isn’t composite more expensive than wood?

Answer: Yes, Composite Decking is more expensive than wooden systems on the front end. Where the savings really shine, is in the long run. With a wooden deck, even with the best of lumbers, you will still have to stain, and pressure wash it often to keep it in peak condition. Over the years this can become very costly. In the end, you will still have to replace it after 10-15 years. With a composite deck you invest the extra expense now, so you don’t have to invest time, money, and back breaking labor down the road. Just regularly sweep, and occasionally rinse the composite deck, and it will last many, many years.


  • Doesn’t composite stain, and mildew easily?

Answer: Not Ours! While lower priced, and even some big name brands are susceptible to mold, mildew, and stains, our composite is made the day before, with much higher standards. Our product is made with unsurpassed stain resistance, defying nature like no other decking on the planet.


  • Doesn’t it all look like cheap plastic?

Answer: Not at all! Durante Home Exteriors, provides beautiful color, and grain options! Below, there will even be a link you can click to design your own deck, and download a free deck buying guide from Durante Home Exteriors.




So, if you would like to stop worrying about that old cumbersome deck, then consider a high quality composite material for your next renovation.

If you would like to learn more on composite decking from Durante, then click here</b > to visit our website! Or simply give us a call at 205-956-4110 to schedule a free no-obligation quote.


Download free deck buying guide here: https://www.durantewindows.com/free-shopping-guide/

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