3 ways a new entry door can help you right now!





Life is Short- Get Rid of the Door Snake Today


Are you tired of dealing with that bothersome old door snake? Or looking at your entry door, only to see light coming through the seal? Great news-We are here to help! A new custom ordered entry door, like the ones from Durante Home Exteriors, can eliminate the need for the door snake and seal off your home to the outside FOR GOOD!! Here are three important reasons a new entry can benefit you right now.



  1. Energy Efficiency: Cold weather is coming. Stop the cold drafts before it is too late! Custom ordered entry doors from Durante Home Exteriors can do precisely that. Entry doors from Durante are specially made just for your home. They are energy star rated to help lower your heating costs, plus the air tight seals will significantly reduce air leakage. With a highly insulated, entry door system, you can watch the power bills drop right in front of your eyes!


2. Security: Home is a special place. It is where we feel relaxed, and at ease. We also want to feel like our families are secure. A new entry door system from Durante can greatly ramp up your homes security factor! With a high strength frame that is custom ordered for your home, you can rest assured that it is going to withstand some serious force. It doesn’t stop there either. Even the actual fiberglass or steel door that you choose comes with outstanding security features built it. From heavy duty hinges, to a double-locking mechanical system in the knob, this system lets you hear an audible click when the door is fully shut. This lets you know that once you turn that deadbolt, you can put your mind to rest.

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3.  Curb Appeal:  Your entry door is probably the first thing people see when they come to visit your home. So, whether you are sprucing up the outside of your home, or getting ready to sell, a new entry door system can totally transform the look of your home. With TONS of custom glass options, hardware styles and door finishes, take control of the way your home looks.

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With all of these great reasons to replace your entry door, why wait any longer?  If you would like to learn more about Durante’s entry doors, please check out our door page right here</b >, or give Durante Home Exteriors a call at 205.956.4110.

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