4 Benifits of composite vs wood

Cut your back a break! Choose a low maintenance composite deck over a wooden deck!


If you clicked on this post then chances are you are currently are considering a new deck! With so many options it can be quiet the task determining which product is best for you. There is one material that we think can benefit the vast majority of you! It is a composite material decking, and Durante Home Exteriors is your go to place to have this innovative product installed on your deck!

Why composite??


Great question! Let’s quickly look at 4 benefits of composite vs. wood

  1. Splinters: We all hate them! With composite Decking you NEVER have to worry about splinters ever again! That is because the surface of the composite is made to withstand the elements of nature. This stuff will be barefoot friendly for life


  1. Rot: If you are talking about composite from Durante then there is none to speak of! This is because the composite decking we use is engineered to withstand the toughest elements without rotting, molding, or mildewing!



  1. Low maintenance: Cut your back a break! Composite decking from Durante is extremely low maintenance. With nothing more than regular sweeping and occasionally rinsing with the hose, you can enjoy the same beautiful color on year 30 as you did on day one. With a wooden deck you are constantly having to stain and pressure wash just to delay the inevitable fact that wood will rot. So knock off deck maintenance off your honey-do list for good by choosing composite decking from Durante Home Exteriors.


  1. Warranty: With a 25 Year warranty, composite decking from Durante offers a peace of mind that wood can’t offer. You will be able to enjoy the deck MUCH longer than 25 years though! Just because the warranty is up after 25 years doesn’t mean the enjoyment is over! Think about a new vehicle, just because it has a 90 day warranty doesn’t mean you sell the car! So with a warranty of 25 years just imagine how long it will actually last!


These are just 4 quick facts on composite that highlight its benefits vs. wood. There are many more reasons to choose this great material. If you want to know more about it just give us a call at 205.956.4110 or click here to visit our decking page on our website!


“ the smartest way to do your homework, Durante Home Exteriors”

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