4 Immediate Benefits of New Replacement Windows

4 ways new windows can help you NOW
Double Hung Windows


It has become common knowledge over the past several years that new replacement windows can drastically reduce your energy cost. Lower energy cost means saving money! Everyone loves saving money, it is human nature. Not all of us however are willing to make an investment now that will save us money in the long run. The great thing about replacement windows is that the benefits can be instantaneous! Let’s look at 4 benefits of new windows that you will notice right now

1.) Curb appeal: New windows rom Durante Home Exteriors are a great way to boost your curb appeal and increase the overall value of your home! With dozens of styles and options, it is easy to get the look you have always dreamed of!


2.) Functionality: Instead of dealing with hard to open, tough to clean windows, get replacement windows from Durante and you will instantly notice how easy they are to operate and clean. We even offer a sliding screen, this allows you to have the screen on either half of the window at any given time. This allows you to raise the bottom sash or lower the top sash all while having the bug protection of screens.



3.) Maintenance Freedom: With a composite vinyl window from Durante, you can kick the weekend window painting to the curb! These windows are maintenance free! No more rotting windows or dragging out the ladder to paint the old wood. You can even clean them from indoors with our double hung feature!


4.) Energy Savings: This is the main reason we replace windows right? You start saving energy the second these custom fit windows are placed in your home! Our windows are ordered just for your home and no one else’s. This insures a seal that will keep the elements out for good! The sooner you replace them the sooner the savings pile up!


The list of benefits far exceeds these 4 quick facts. To see other ways Durante can help you with new replacement windows just call one of our friendly customer care advisors! They are waiting to serve you with their extensive knowledge and advice. Your new windows are just a phone call away at 205.956.4110

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