5 Uses for Your Sunroom

If you’re thinking about adding a sunroom to your home but are not quite sure how you’d use it, there are plenty of ways to employ the benefits that maybe are not apparent at first glance. The following examples are a few interesting ways some previous owners have chosen to take advantage of their sunrooms.

1. An Indoor Pool (or Hot tub)

Sunrooms provide a natural protection from the elements that can be used to mimic the benefits of the outdoors without having to be inconvenienced by Mother Nature’s temperament. Regardless of weather, soak up the light or swim a few laps.

2. A Source of Heat

During winter, the insulating effects of glass provide a passive source of heat that can be fed into the rest of your home. With the right windows or sliding doors separating the sunroom from the rest of your home, the heat can be kept isolated in summer. Some people have also installed stone floors to further soak up the heat of the sun and return warmth to the house at night.

3. A Reading Room

With a few sofas or a relaxing chair, a sunroom can be more than just another room. It can be a comfortable niche or a hideaway to get your reading done without having to worry about sun burns or bugs.

4. A Greenroom

Improve the quality of air inside your home by growing a few plants. Your sunroom can double as a greenhouse, and a garden can be seamlessly be drawn indoors or extended out by the use of pergolas attached to the outside. A part of your home can be a sheltered extension of world outside.

5. A Family Room

Open the windows and indulge in the cross breeze. Paired with the right view or stormy day, a sunroom is an ideal spot for a family to congregate and enjoy a board game or the relaxing patter of raindrops.

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