What Are Some Reasons Customers Prefer Durante Home Exteriors?

We attempted to come up with the Top 10 Reasons why Durante would be the right choice for You. Instead we came up with 61.

  1. Our Service- It’s outrageously fabulous and people love it!   At Durante we don’t want you to be just happy; we want you to be head-over-heels-tell-all-your-neighbors THRILLED with the service you receive from us. We absolutely do not tolerate bad service.
  2. Durante is the James Hardie Preferred Remodeler –for the entire state, meaning we have passed an intensely demanding qualification process set by James Hardie. They scrutinize the level of quality we offer, and Durante passed the test!
  3. We are recommended daily by Dave Ramsey- one of the nation’s leading financial gurus on how to be financially responsible and make wise choices with your money. Dave Ramsey was so impressed with Durante’s level of value, selection and company reputation, and we are honored to have earned his approval.
  4. You can request a free quote online, anytime, at GoDurante.com. Our easy to navigate website allows you to request a quote immediately.
  5. We Stay Open Later. Plain & Simple- We cater to you- on your time. We have evening and weekend appointment times available so you don’t have to take off from work to get the estimate done.
  6. WE ANSWER THE PHONE. At Durante, when you call us during office hours, the phone will be answered by a real live person that’s friendly and ready to help you. No annoying 1-800 numbers with thirty different phone prompts. You call and we answer. Simple.
  7. Our Installers. Clean, Courteous Professional. Best of the Best.  At Durante our installers are supplied with the best training so you always get a worry free installation.
  9. We have an A Rating on Angie’ List. This is the highest possible rating a company can achieve. This means that actual customers have reviewed their experience that they had with our company, and they loved it!
  10. We have these annoyingly large and heavy three ring binders brimming full with satisfied customer testimonials. You can rest assured that when you call Durante, you are dealing with a proven and reliable organization that really cares about its customers.
  11. We have an A+ Better Business Rating. This is the highest possible rating that the BBB gives to companies. A company with an A+ BBB rating means they’ve had little to no complaints.
  12. We have been nominated Alabama’s #1 Remodeler 9 years in a row by the prestigious trade publication, QUALIFIED REMODELER.
  13. With Durante, you can design your new siding- before you buy it, with Dream Designer, your online design tool. You can mix and match dozens of colors and styles. You’ll be amazed at how easy and helpful it is!
  14. We have been nominated to be in the list of the top 200 Exterior Remodelers in the Nation by Qualified Remodeler Magazine.
  15. We have been rated in the top 50 Exterior Remodelers for 2010.
  16. We have been nominated in the list of the top 500 Remodelers Nationwide by Qualified Remodeler Magazine.
  17. We are a Lead Safe Certified Firm. If a home was built before 1978, you have to have a Lead Safe Certified company work on your home in case your home contains lead paint. Our installers have completed the specialized and rigorous training needed to keep your home safe from harmful lead paint. Fact- Many remodelers don’t have this certification.
  18. We have literally thousands of satisfied customers and we have the photos and testimonials to back it up. You can rest assured that when you choose Durante to work on your home, you will be completely satisfied with the work we do.
  19. Ironclad No-Nonsense Warranties.  If you want milquetoast warranties that make you jump through hoops, don’t call us. Our Warranties are Ironclad. To the max. We mean it. At Durante, if for any reason you have a problem with anything we will make it right. If a lawn mower slings a rock and cracks your window, we’ll fix that.  And if that neighbor kid you don’t like too much throws a rock and breaks your window- we still fix that too (not the neighbor kid, just the window)
  20. Our Installers. Clean, Courteous, Professional. The best of the best. We will never send a Neanderthal-looking person over to work on your home. EVER.  At Durante, our installers are supplied with the best tools and the best training so our customers always get a professional, worry-free installation!   Want to know something else? Our installers will show up when they say they will, clean up after themselves before they leave your home,  and they will even hang your blinds  back up for you before they leave.
  21. Wider Product Selection So You Have Better Options.  It would be very annoying to call a car dealer only to discover they have just one make and model of the car you’re interested in. Same with Home Improvement.  At Durante, we have a much wider product selection than other companies and we also have more customizable options & advanced hard to find features. This is another way that we cater to you.  This way you don’t get just a product you like, you will get something you will LOVE.
  22. Free-In Home Consultations. To save you time, we’ll gladly come to you so you don’t have to drive to us. Plus it’s no-cost and pressure-free.
  23. Direct Access to the owner of the company. Need something? Our president’s email is Jason@GoDurante.com.  Drop him an email anytime you like.
  24. Dedicated Project Managers. If you do business with Durante, your installation will be efficiently handled by a project manager. They will correctly handle the ordering, scheduling and installation of your products.
  25. We are a Gold Level James Hardie Preferred Contractor, which means we go through more training than other contractors.
  26. Our Installers Smell Better.
  27. Out Installers are Clean, Courteous & Professional.
  28. There is an extremely high level of excellence with our installation.
  29. The president of the company is borderline OCD. This means the work we do on your home will be done EXACTLY RIGHT. No almost right- exactly right.
  30. Extremely Clean jobsites. You can’t even tell we were there when we are finished. And unlike other companies, we don’t charge extra for this. No clean-up fees or haul-away. Clean jobsites come standard.
  31. We have hard-to-please-demanding project managers that expect the highest level of excellence.
  32. Some lucky customers will even get the “Randy Experience.”
  33. Our Installers take extra time with customers to answer their questions, listen to them, help them out in any extra ways possible.
  34. We’ll even hang your blinds back up before we leave!
  35. Honesty, Trust and Integrity are the values we try to live and breathe every single day. These are not cheesy words we’ve put on a plaque somewhere-these are the values our company was founded on and will continue to be founded upon.
  36. Our Job Sites- CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN
  37. Our service department is Amazing. If you ever have a question or a concern, you get patched through to our amazing Customer Care department who’s whole purpose is in life is to get you the answer you need FAST. The box stores can’t offer this convenience and speed. If you have a problem with a product, they will make you take the product out yourself, strap to your car, and take it back to the store, then you have to wait on them to send the product back to the factory, then whenever the factory ships it back, you have to go back to the store and pick it back up yourself, strap it back to the roof of your car, take it back to your house, and re-install it yourself. Or you could go with Durante.
  38. Our windows have 50% more weather stripping than the competitors. This means you get a more airtight seal and no drafts.
  39. Our windows have 27% more glass area than most premium vinyl windows—no bulky cheap looking boxy frames. Who wants to replace their windows only to find out you lost a lot of viewing area in the process- you don’t have to worry about that with Durante.
  40. UltraCore™– Polyurethane Window Frame Insulation. (8 times more efficient than typical hollow vinyl window frames). This means a much more insulated window, superior energy savings, and lower energy costs.
  41. More COLORS & Decorative Grid Options; 23 color combinations including painters white; Grooved      Glass; Contour Grids; SDL Grids, etc. This means, you get a product completely tailored to your needs and preferences.
  42. Frames insulated the same way your freezer door is—our frames have a higher R value than the walls we put them in.
  43. Secure Seal Meeting rail system—the perfect combination of strength, security and thermal efficiency
  44. Lowest published air leakage rate—Does the competition even publish their rating on their sticker?
  45. The best seal failure prevention—insures that your window performs as well 70 years from now as it does today.
  46. Climate specific glass—keeps the furnace’s heat in your home in the winter, and the sun’s heat out in the summer, equaling lower power bills and less wear and tear on your system.
  47. We reward our customers to spread the word about us- any customer who sends us a new customer gets a $100 Debit Card that they can guiltlessly spend on themselves– compliments of Durante.
  48. If you are fortunate to be referred to us, you get our Friends and Family pricing on any products you choose.
  49. Our Designers. Courteous & Professional. Not a cheesy sales person. True professionals who will listen to your needs and know how to recommend the right product to best fit your needs.
  50. Our Decks are built like a tank. We build our decks on 12” centers, not 16” like everyone else. Why? Because this means the deck structure is much stronger and much sturdier.
  51. We use heavy duty joist-hangers instead of just nailing the joists.  Stronger construction.
  52. We have a unique, super good-looking “floating fascia” system on our decks. This gives your deck a really sleek decorative, very trimmed out appearance.
  53. We offer great financing options. Why? Because we want to make home improvement as affordable as possible.
  54. We offer FREE custom-designed blue prints on any of our Design/Build products- things like Decks, Sunrooms, Pergolas, Porch Enclosures, etc. This is done at our expense not yours. Why? Because we want our customers to be able to visualize and feel comfortable with how their project will look- before we built it.
  55. We offer a FREE Site Survey, a FREE Design Service and FREE Same Day Price Quote on all Patio Products.
  56. At Durante we will assign you a Crew Leader that is in charge of your job and will be on the Jobsite during the Installation.
  57. Our installers will even hook back up your alarm system before they leave.
  58. We carry $1,000,000.00 Liability Insurance and $1,000,000.00 Workers Compensation. This protects our      customers from the unexpected.
  59. We offer detailed work orders and exact pricing in writing- we don’t like surprises. This protects all parties involved and will give you peace of mind knowing that nothing will be left out when it comes to the installation of your home improvement project.
  60. We have a ridiculously large number of industry awards and recognitions hanging on the wall of our showroom. If you don’t believe us, just come by and see it for yourself. We are blessed to have such a successful track record as a company.
  61. There is free stuff on our website. Go help yourself.