What’s Better for Your Home, Aluminum or Vinyl Windows?

Aluminum vs Vinyl WindowsHomeowners who still have wood-frame windows in their home and want to upgrade to newer and better-performing materials have two popular options to consider: vinyl and aluminum. Let’s see how these two materials compare with delivering benefits that homeowners expect to enjoy with new windows.


Both vinyl and aluminum window frames are resistant to damage, and as far as sheer strength is concerned, aluminum comes out on top. However, one thing to consider is that vinyl frames are the same color through and through, meaning that if a vinyl frame was chipped by airborne debris, it would hardly be noticeable, as the color within the chip would be the same as the rest of the frame. Whereas, a chip in an aluminum frame is quite noticeable because it will expose the raw metal, necessitating a paint touch-up.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl frames are exceptionally low maintenance. An occasional rinse is all that’s needed to keep them looking like new. And, as mentioned above, because vinyl frames are the same color throughout, there is rarely a need for repainting. Aluminum windows, however, require cleaning more often because they are susceptible to corrosion.

Energy Efficiency

Perhaps the key benefit that homeowners look for in new replacement windows is energy efficiency, and this one’s no contest: Vinyl frames are naturally insulated and will minimize heat gain and loss better than aluminum frames, which actually conduct heat and cold. Some aluminum windows are available with additional insulation within the frame, but guess what that insulation is made from? You guessed it: vinyl! If improved energy efficiency is a primary concern for you, look for vinyl windows with the ENERGY STAR® logo.


Though wood is an outdated material for window frames — there’s no denying that both vinyl and aluminum frames perform better than wood — a lot of homeowners still enjoy the warmth of a classic wood appearance. Vinyl windows can feature natural woodgrain patterns that are a part of the frame’s actual texture. Aluminum frames can be painted to look like wood, but will present a less authentic appearance than vinyl. Plus, as noted, aluminum frames can be dented or chipped, which would allow the raw metal to peek through the woodgrain pattern.

A Window Company You Can Trust

At Durante Home Exteriors™, it’s clear to us that vinyl windows are the best option for our valued customers. The windows we install excel in all the benefits listed above; they will update your home with a brand-new look that will stand the test of time with very little maintenance required, and they will equip your home with added insulation to help your HVAC system run more efficiently. The result could be lower monthly energy bills.

Exceptional Service from Design to Installation

During your free, in-home consultation, we’ll help you choose the perfect window styles to provide the functionality you want. Available styles include double hung, bay and bow, sliding, casement, awning, and more. And we’ll help you design your new windows with authentic woodgrain patterns and vibrant colors to refresh the look of your home’s exterior and interior. Moreover, when it comes time for installation, you can fully trust in the skills of our factory-trained technicians.

To learn more about the vinyl replacement windows that we install and the lifetime product and labor warranties that we include with each installation, contact Durante Home Exteriors™ today. We proudly serve Birmingham, Huntsville, and other cities in Alabama.