Attic Insulation for Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, Nashville, TN and Surrounding Cities

If you’re thinking of upgrading the attic insulation in your Middle Tennessee or Central or Northern Alabama home, you can count on Durante Home Exteriors. Did you know that, on average, 45 percent of a home’s energy is lost through the attic? Also, were you aware that the main form of energy loss is through radiant heat transfer? Therefore, if your attic isn’t properly insulted, your hard-earned money could be flying through the roof. Unfortunately, standard attic insulation doesn’t adequately protect homes from radiant heat loss, which could be the main reason why you’re noticing staggeringly high energy bills month after month.

Luckily, Durante Home Exteriors offers Radiaflect™ reflective attic insulation to homeowners throughout Central and Northern Alabama. Radiaflect™ foil insulation has the ability to block 97 percent of all radiant heat transfer, and as a retrofit product can be added on top of existing insulation. Here are some of the benefits of Radiaflect™:

  • It can help qualify homeowners for certain federal tax credits
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It’s manufactured right here in the USA
  • It’s a much more economical solution than replacing existing insulation

For more information about our attic insulation, please call or e-mail Durante Home Exteriors today. Additionally, we carry a number of other home improvement products, including home doors, replacement windows, siding, sunrooms, composite decking, patio rooms, and more. We happily serve customers in Birmingham, Huntsville, Pelham, Nashville, TN and many other surrounding communities.