The Company to Choose for a Hardwearing Backyard Deck for Your Huntsville, AL, Home

Backyard Deck Huntsville ALDo you enjoy the outdoors and have always wanted a backyard deck for your home? If so, Durante Home Exteriors™ can help. For homeowners in the Huntsville, Alabama, area, we offer two great options: composite decking and tile decking. Each provides a uniquely different look, depending on your preference, but no matter which you choose, you can count on your new deck holding up to the elements for years on end.

Composite Decking

If you prefer the look of traditional wood, our composite decking is right for you. While a composite backyard deck will offer the rugged appearance of wood decking, it requires far less upkeep. In fact, you won’t ever have to sand, paint, or stain a composite deck, nor will you have to worry about it warping, fading, or splintering over time.

Tile Decking

For a truly original look, consider our tile decking. Made from custom-poured concrete, this decking material will never rot, chip, fade, or grow mold. Plus, it’s fire proof, making it a great option for an outdoor fire pit or grill. A tile backyard deck is strong enough to withstand 1,000 pounds per tile, and can therefore support the weight of a patio cover or pergola if you’d like some shade.

Impeccable Design & Installation Services

When you partner with Durante Home Exteriors™ for a backyard deck, you’ll work with one of our experienced and knowledgeable designers who will take into account your home’s architecture and your wants and needs to create the perfect deck. And, you can rely on the exceptional skills of our craftsmen to build your deck perfectly. We’ll even include a lifetime labor warranty for peace of mind that your investment is protected.

To begin designing your new backyard deck, contact Durante Home Exteriors™ today. We proudly serve homeowners in Huntsville, AL, and nearby cities.