Your Top Choice for a Bath & Shower Remodel at Your Birmingham, AL, Home

Bathroom Remodel Birmingham ALSo, there’s a bathroom at your home that you’re less than thrilled with. The bathtub is old and stained from years of use. You’ve all but given up trying to clean it due to the heavy scrubbing and harsh chemicals that are required to even give you a starting chance. You’re itching for a bath and/or shower remodel but don’t want to make a heavy investment in both time and money. At Durante Home Exteriors™, we’ve been in this business a long time, and you can trust us when we say that you’re not alone.

How We Can Help

As a solution to this all-too-common pain point that homeowners face, we’re proud to offer bathtub replacement services. By updating the wet area of your bathroom, we can deliver a remodel that will cost far less and take less time to complete than a full-scale renovation. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how far a new bathtub can go toward improving your bathroom and bathing experience.

Benefits of Our Tubs

The replacement tubs that Durante Home Exteriors™ installs deliver a wealth of benefits that you’re sure to appreciate. These include:

A Beautiful New Look for Your Bathroom

Our knowledgeable specialists will help you customize your new tub to reflect your aesthetic and functional preferences. Choose from tub colors and styles, wall surrounds, and all the add-ons you require, such as soap caddies and shelving.

Easy Maintenance

Our tubs are made from virgin acrylic and treated with an anti-microbial agent that prevents mold and mildew growth. These two features combined make our tubs super easy to clean—they only need to be rinsed with soap and water to restore their like-new appearance. You can say goodbye to the heavy scrubbing for good.

Learn More

To speak with a representative about how a bathtub replacement will make the perfect bath remodel for your home in Birmingham, AL, contact Durante Home Exteriors™ today.