Are You Craving a Bath Remodel for Your Huntsville, AL, Home?

Bath Remodel Huntsville ALHomeowners in the Huntsville, Alabama, area who are struggling with a hard-to-clean bathtub can rely on Durante Home Exteriors™ for a bath remodel. We install best-in-class replacement bathtubs that will go a long way toward easing your cleaning chores and making over your bathroom.

Low-Maintenance Bathtubs

Our customers seek us out for a bath remodel because our replacement tubs deliver exceptional benefits, one being low-maintenance requirements. Our tubs are made from virgin acrylic that is formulated to stand the test of time without chipping or fading. Additionally, our tubs feature antimicrobial protection that prevents mold and mildew growth. The result is a bathtub that is super easy to clean. No more sore hands, elbows, and knees trying to scrub stains out of your aging tub!

Custom Designs

At Durante Home Exteriors™, we’ll help personalize your bath remodel by helping you choose from a range of customization options. For instance, we can design your new tub with your preferred color, wall surround, and accessories like shelving and soap caddies. With a vibrant new tub installed, your bathroom will look and feel brand new. And it’ll cost you a fraction of the price of a full floor-to-ceiling remodel.

You’ll Be Bathing in Style in No Time

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your hard-to-clean tub, we’re ready to blow you away with our bath remodel service. To learn more about our replacement tubs, or to begin designing one for your home in the Huntsville, AL, area, contact Durante Home Exteriors™ today.