What Are the Benefits of a Shower Area Remodel?

Benefits of a Shower Area RemodelThe term “bathroom remodel” can conjure a wide array of images, both good and bad, in the mind of any homeowner. If your thoughts jumped straight to the horrors of torn out pipes and tiles, seemingly endless dust and grime, and your entire household trying to squeeze into the guest bath for the duration of your remodel, you can relax knowing there’s a better solution out there: A shower area remodel!

But what exactly is a shower area remodel, and what makes it better than a traditional renovation? The answer depends on a a variety of factors, so read on to discover the benefits and how you can get the best results at your home.

Replacing Your Bath or Shower

When you think about your current bathroom and what about it causes you the most frustration, the cause is more than likely rooted in your bath or shower. Maybe you have a stained tub that even the harshest cleaners can’t fix, or maybe you’re tired of looking at chipped, outdated tiles that make the space look dirty regardless of how much time you spend scrubbing those stubborn grout lines. Whatever your issue may be, a shower or bathtub replacement can fix it.

A shower area remodel revitalizes your bathroom in a more convenient and cost-effective way than a full bathroom renovation—as long as you choose the right contractor for the job. That’s where the experts at Durante Home Exteriors™ come in, offering professional bathtub replacements that provide a wealth of benefits like:

An Improved Appearance

Whether you prefer the drama of marble or a more modern look, you can customize your new tub to your heart’s desire with a range of pattern, color, and style options in addition to accessories like wall surrounds, soap dishes, and other features. Not sure what look suits your space best? Our specialists will work with you during a design process to create the perfect tub to suit your exact wants and needs.

Low Maintenance Requirements

If you’re tired of the tedious tasks it takes to keep your tub clean, you’ll love that your new tub from Durante requires little more than the occasional wipe-down to remain like-new for decades. That’s because our tubs are constructed with a premium acrylic material that features advanced anti-microbial technology, making it impervious to pesky mold and mildew growth.

A Fast, Flawless Installation

Unlike a traditional bathroom remodel, a bathtub replacement from the professionals at Durante can be completed in as little as one day. That means less time dealing with the inconvenience of having reduced access to your bathroom and more time enjoying your luxurious new tub—who wouldn’t love the sound of that?

The Shower Area Remodel Experts

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of a shower area remodel, it’s time to get started. Turn to the experts at Durante Home Exteriors™ for a bathtub replacement that will have you falling in love with your home again. We’re so confident in our work that we include a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer in addition to our own lifetime labor warranty, giving you complete peace of mind in your investment. Get started today by contacting us and discover a bathroom remodeling solution that will exceed your expectations.

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