Best Doors for Decks of Different Climates and Environments

Of the different types of doors, patio and deck doors may be the most varied. There are countless different types. There are sliding glass and swing doors. Swinging doors come in single and double and the doubles can be made to swing from the center or the side.

Almost every different type of deck or patio door is available in wood, plastic and fiberboard. Each of the three material types can be either solid or manufactured with a glass pane. Glass panes can be anything from small and light to panes the length and width of the door.

There are sliding glass doors and patio and deck doors that swing open. There are patio and deck entrances with double doors, solid, glass or screened.

Deck and patio door options are almost limitless. The question is, which doors are right for your home deck or patio. How do you figure out which ones to choose?

Secret to Selecting Patio and Deck Doors

There is only one secret to selecting the right patio or deck doors. Though it may not be the most attractive means — the sexiest — it assures that the doors will live up to expectations: select function over form.

As opposed to thinking about what type of patio or deck door you want, ask yourself what type you need.

Climate and Environment Factors

There are a variety of different climates and environments across the South. There are rainy and humid locations as well as dryer and colder areas. Deciding which type of patio or deck door you need allows you to prevent issues like:

  • Loss of conditioned or heated air as result of poor insulation.
  • Rain water seeping into the house from the outside because of a poorly constructed stop
  • Insect invasion as the result of a door that lacks an adequate seal.
  • Swinging doors in cramped areas.
  • Sliding doors in high traffic areas.

The Durante Difference

Fortunately, Durante designs and manufactures doors that meet both the requirements for different climates and environments and satisfies the style and motif requisites for almost any home. For more information about Alabama’s finest deck and patio doors, contact Durante.

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