3 FAQ’s about composite decking

  Are you tired of maintaining your old, rotting, wood deck? Composite Decking may be the solution! If you will notice, I said it MAY be the solution. Honestly composite is not the material for everyone. If you are a Termite, Woodpecker, or Carpenter Ant, then you will want to stick with a wood product, but if you are a Human, then Composite Decking is for you! Before you choose a composite deck you should be informed. Here are a few

3 ways a new entry door can help you right now!

        Life is Short- Get Rid of the Door Snake Today   Are you tired of dealing with that bothersome old door snake? Or looking at your entry door, only to see light coming through the seal? Great news-We are here to help! A new custom ordered entry door, like the ones from Durante Home Exteriors, can eliminate the need for the door snake and seal off your home to the outside FOR GOOD!! Here are three

You may be ready for Winter, but is your home?

You may be ready for winter, but is your home? There’s a chill in the air. We all know that winter is quickly approaching, and that means your power bills are about to sky rocket. Or are they? I left this question open, because YOU have a say in this. There are so many great ways to get your home 4-season ready, and one of the most dramatic ways is with new replacement windows. The department of energy has released

Choosing the Correct Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Vinyl siding has long been thought of as ugly, flimsy, and in constant need of repair. You may have experienced this with your house. Perhaps you have old siding that is cracked, warped or just ugly. What you may not know is that that vinyl siding, in fact almost no siding offers almost NO isolative properties. Even if it has a backer board made of isolative foam on the back, it only offers one R-Value of insulation. An R-value the