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The Objective

To install a new aluminum Durante Home Exteriors patio cover with an insulated roof system on the back patio of Mr. and Mrs. Tyson’s home in Helena, AL.

So What Can You Do With an  Uncovered Patio Area Anyways…?

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The Answer: You can cover it with a custom-designed Durante Home Exteriors patio cover so you can kick back and relax in the shade.


Welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Tyson’s back patio space.

This patio has rest and relaxation written all over it, doesn’t it? It’s got a ceiling fan. Some nice patio furniture. Some nice plants. A pull down screen for some extra shade or privacy. This space makes you want to just take a load off, kick back, and sip on some ice cold sweet tea. These people know how to do it.

But this was not always the case…

According to Mr. Tyson during our review of his finished patio cover, he tells us that the space before it was covered used to be nearly unbearably hot. Their home was positioned in such a way that their back patio got brutalized by direct sunlight.  You would get baked. They had a really nice area, but unfortunately they could not use it or enjoy it to its fullest extent.

The Tysons saw Durante Home Exteriors at the Galleria Mall Home Show, and scheduled a free estimate to have us come out and look at what could be done. They needed a solution to cover their patio space so they could have a relaxing area with much shade.

Durante Home Exteriors specializes in affordable patio structures like patio covers and pergolas. The Tysons decided to hire Durante Home Exteriors to install a heavy-duty custom built aluminum patio cover with a thick insulated thermal roof.

Some of the features of the patio cover installed by Durante Home Exteriors include:

  • Heavy-duty fully extruded aluminum for extra strength
  • A solid thermal roof that deflects the sun’s heat, proving much-needed protection and shade
  • A durable finish that will not peel, crack, warp or get eaten by insects

How It Turned Out

As you can see, the Tysons can now enjoy their patio space in a whole new way. In fact Mr. Tyson told us that he couldn’t believe the difference in temperature the new patio cover made, not just to the outside temperature, but also to the inside temperature as well. He tells us their kitchen is considerably cooler because the new patio cover blocks all the heat and sunlight that used to stream through.

Here’s a Walk Through For You:

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A Durante Home Exteriors Patio Cover is ideal for homeowners looking for a beautiful, easy-to-install shade structure. The solid roof style patio cover is designed to protect your patio area-even when the hot sun is bearing down.  They are available in attached and free-standing designs.

If you’re considering a patio cover or pergola for your home Click Here to get in touch. Our friendly office can schedule a free estimate for you or answer any questions that you might have.

Durante Home Exteriors also offers a full line of screen rooms and composite decks so we likely have everything you need to transform your outdoor area into a masterpiece you will love!

Project Highlights
  • Heavy-duty fully extruded aluminum for extra strength
  • Built-in gutter and down spouts that you can barely see
  • A solid thermal roof that deflects the sun’s heat, proving much-needed protection and shade
  • A durable finish that will not peel, crack, warp or get eaten by insects
"I couldn't believe how much cooler everything felt after you installed. Even the interior of the home feels better because the patio cover blocks all the heat and sunlight. We really could not be happier!"
Jim Tyson
Helena, AL