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CASE STUDY | Decking | Mr. Steven | Brentwood, TN

The Objective

To rebuild and expand a splintery old wood deck, install a beautiful new patio door, and replace rotten soffits on a gorgeous home in Brentwood, TN.

What We Did

Please say hi to Mr. and Mrs. Steven in Brentwood, TN.

They saw our company in the Nashville Home Mag and called us for guidance on what to do about their old deck as well as what could be done about an old door and soffits.

Mr. and Mrs. Stevens told us they were simply tired of having to paint their home and wanted a maintenance free product for the large deck they had on the back of their home.

They were quite satisfied with our workmanship and love their new composite deck, but you don’t have to take our word for it. You can read it for yourself because we caught up with the Steven’s on a recent afternoon to talk about the deck transformation and to see how we performed as a company. Below is the transcript of our conversation we had with them. Here’s what they had to say:

Us: Mr. Stevens we really appreciate you letting us drop by. Tell me about the old deck and how everything looked before. What type of problems were you guys experiencing with that old deck?

photo 9Mr. Stevens: What my wife and I had was an old wood deck, it was painted and the boards were all warped and split, many of the boards were rotten and had spots. It was original to the home about 14 years I guess. We were having to paint it almost every year. Instead of the boards butting together, they were separated and all the nails popped up a quarter inch in places. We stepped on them all the time, not good. You can only paint it so many times.

When we talked about expanding the deck, we also wanted to have a spot for our grill. The grill used to be close to the house, and it made lots of smoke I wanted to move the grill out where it wouldn’t be smoky right by the house.

Us: How did ya’ll hear about Durante Home Exteriors in the first place?

Mr. Stevens: Saw the ad in The Home Mag, liked the clean look of the composite material, liked the advantages of not having to paint it and doing away with all these nail heads, I walk around barefoot a lot.

Us: Mr. and Mrs. Stevens, what did we do as a company that you really liked the most?

Mr. Stevens: I guarantee somebody called us back within 45 seconds of us requesting the estimate. We liked how prompted they were. Your sales rep, Ellen, came out and knew the product backwards and forwards too.

I can’t speak more highly of the installers. VERY good craftsmen, those guys, I would have them back in a heartbeat. Anytime I had a question they had an answer, very knowledgeable. They even built a makeshift ramp while they were still building the deck so that we could take the dogs out. We liked that.

The old deck was on 16″ centers, the new one is built on 12″. The internal structure was night and day better.

Us: Mr. Stevens we really appreciate you letting us drop by and meet with you.

Mr. Stevens: Hey no problem, you can come by any time. Tell Jason I said hello.

The Finished Product

DSC01749Mr. and Mrs. Stevens Brentwood home now have a gorgeous new composite deck. They also have maintenance free soffits so they don’t have to worry about wood rot or critters climbing into the attic. They also have a sparkling new patio door.

They are extremely pleased with their choice of using Durante Home Exteriors to remodel their Brentwood home. Our workman did an absolute fine job and the work they did we feel will speak for itself.

Learn More

IMG_3850If you have an old splintery deck, and you have questions about what to do about it, we invite you to get in touch with our friendly office today. We can answer any questions that you have and can schedule a free in-home estimate to give you a detailed quote to replace or remodel your deck or patio.

Durante Home Exteriors also offers an affordable selection of replacement windows and doors, exterior siding and patio enclosures. Financing is also available. Durante serves customers all across Brentwood and Middle, TN. as well as Northern and Central, AL.

Project Highlights
  • Remodel an existing splintery old wood deck
  • Install Castle Grey composite deck boards
  • Build a custom ‘bump-out’ for the BBQ grill
  • Install new soffits for entire home
"I can't speak more highly of the installers. VERY good craftsmen, those guys, I would have them back in a heartbeat. Anytime I had a question they had an answer, very knowledgeable."
Mr. Steven
Brentwood, TN