Composite Deck Hoover, AL

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The Objective

To replace a 15+ year old wood deck for our customers living in Hoover, AL.

What We Did

Meet the Whitten family. These great folks reside in Hoover, AL.

They were looking for a high-caliber remodeling company to rebuild their old 20*15 wood deck. The Whitten’s found Durante Home Exteriors in the Clipper Magazine and gave us a ring to get a free quote. They were needing a new deck along with new handrails.

main before (1) - CopyThe primary issue they needed fixed was that their wood deck had aged to the point where the on-going maintenance was just too costly and time intensive to continue. There were splinters and cracks everywhere, all the deck boards were significantly faded, and some areas were developing wood rot, and the handrails had become unsafe.

It was time to replace the old deck with something that would require very little maintenance.

IMG_1268Mr. and Mrs. Whitten requested a free in-home quote to have us come out and assess what could be done with their current deck.

They met with our representative, Mr. Jay Campbell, who listened to their needs and then put together a comprehensive plan that would affordably replace their current deck and give them an outdoor space that requires little to no maintenance.

Here’s How It Turned Out


In a matter of only a few days, our workmen professionally remodeled the entire deck and the finished result looks remarkable.

DSC01886 - CopyOne of the biggest notable differences is how great the deck looks with the new handrails. The customers selected the black aluminum handrails with the vinyl posts (Earth color). The aluminum handrails are ultra low-maintenance, plus their very-slim profiles provide an unhampered view looking out from the deck.

Another great feature are the deck boards. Our customers selected the “Rosewood” color, which offers a rich dark color that matches with furniture and other outdoor items very easily. Rosewood is a customer favorite.

We installed safe and secure new steps, new handrails, new composite deck boards and the entire process only took a few days. Our customers are in live with the finished project and have given our company great reviews.

Do What The Whitten’s Did
– Call Durante Home Exteriors.

DSC01888If you are like the Whitten’s and also have an old wood deck that you’ve thought about replacing, then do what they did: call Durante for a free in-home quote.

We will come out to your home and offer a FREE Site Inspection to assess the current deck, a FREE Design Service, and a FREE same-day price quote. Financing is also available.

Please fill out the form to your right to schedule a free in-home estimate.

Durante Home Exteriors offer a wide range of affordable products including replacement windows, entry doors, siding and screen rooms. We serve customers in Hoover, Birmingham, Nashville, and Huntsville metro areas.

Project Highlights
  • Install Rosewood colored composite decking
  • New black aluminum handrails
  • New “Earth” colored vinyl posts
  • Build new stairs
"We installed safe and secure new steps, new handrails, new composite deck boards and the entire process only took a few days. Our customers are in love with the finished project and have given our company great reviews."