Entry Door With a Modern Twist

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To replace an uninteresting looking front entry door on a Nolensville, TN home with a more attractive entry door with a modern twist, without freaking out the HOA.

What We Did

Every so often you just need a change. Something new. Something fresh.  A lot of us are probably just wired that way I think.

At least that was the case with Mr. and Mrs. Letson in Nolensville, TN, who are recent Durante customers who purchased a modern looking new entry door from our company.

The Letsons were looking to spruce up their regular ‘standard’ builder grade entry door. The door they had had no glass, it had standard 6-panels, in essence it was very cookie cutter. The door they had looked just like the door everybody else had. To sum it up: the Letsons are interesting, fun-loving people who have a lot of taste. Their old door didn’t reflect any of that. When people came to visit, the old door announced to the world “Alert! Boring people live here!” It was just time for a change.

Mr. and Mrs. Letson visited the Durante Home Exteriors booth at the Tennessee Lawn and Garden Show where we had our entry doors and replacement windows on display. We caught up with them recently to see how their experience went and conducted a quick interview. Here’s the rest of the story we wanted to share with you:

US: Mr. Letson what made you guys look into replacing the front door in the first place?

Mr. Letson:  The door we originally had was regular stock builder quality, big black solid door, and it made the corner (of the foyer) really dark and we did not want to have the light on all the time. We were looking for something different, we watch a lot of HGTV. We love the quality of the homes in this neighborhood. A lot of the homes in the neighborhood have doors with a lot of glass and we wanted something nice like that, but with more privacy and safety. Something nice and modern but without sacrificing privacy.

US: Mr. Letson how did you guys find out about Durante Home Exteriors?

Mrs. Letson: Saw you at the Lawn and Garden Show. You were running a good deal at the time, the screen was very nice. Based on the research we did, the quality was really good. There were a couple of different companies we looked at, but their doors were really super ornate and did not suit us. We liked the variety Durante had better.

US: What were some of the things you liked most about your experience with Durante Home Exteriors?

Mrs. Letson: We liked being able to design the door at the time of presentation. Your sales rep was nice and very helpful. We had fun taking over his computer! David was really nice. We also spoke with a lady at the show, she was very nice and wrote her name down for us.

US: How did the installation go?

Mrs. Letson: Workers were here on the dot, actually about 20 minutes early. The workers let us check the door out before they installed it to make sure we liked it. Workers were polite and no issues at all. They cleaned up everything before they left, could not tell they were even here.

US: Guys we really appreciate your time, thank again for letting us visit.

Mr. Letson: You’re welcome.

The Finished Project

The Letsons now have a new door that has more character and fits their style. Their new door lets more light in so the hallway isn’t so gloomy-feeling anymore. It also has a unique retractable screen feature. Plus it has the modern twist they were looking for.

Convenient Next Steps:

If you have been thinking about a new entry door for your home, Click Here to get in touch today. Whether you have general questions or need a free estimate, we are here to help. We offer an extensive selection of entry doors and sliding glass doors that are attractive and affordable. We also offer a full line of replacement windows, screen rooms, exterior siding and composite decks.  Durante Home Exteriors serves customers all across Nolensville, Nashville, Brentwood and all across Middle Tennessee and Central Alabama.

Project Highlights
  • Replace a builder grade boring front door
  • Install a new entry door with a modern twist
  • Include a unique retractable screening feature
  • Not freak out the HOA
"We liked being able to design the door at the time of presentation. Your sales rep was nice and very helpful. We had fun taking over his computer! "
Mrs. Letson
Nolensville, TN