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To help a Nashville homeowner to cut his energy costs and lower his home’s maintenance requirements by replacing the old wood windows in his home which had seal failure with energy efficient double hung replacement windows.

What We Did

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Mr. Calendar is a recent customer of Durante Home Exteriors who lives in Nashville off of Hillsboro Pike. He has a fabulous brick home in a superb location. Mr. Calendar had a house full of old wooden windows which all had seal failure.

He needed to replace the old windows and saw Durante Home Exteriors in the Nashville Home Mag and then researched our company online, and then he called Durante for a free estimate.

We caught up with Mr. Carendar after we installed his new windows and sat down with him for a few minutes to see how we performed and see how he liked everything. Below are the transcripts from our interview with Mr. Carendar. Bear with us, it’s a little lengthy we know. Here’s what Mr. Carendar had to say, in his own words:

US: Mr. Carendar, what were the issues you were having before with the old windows that made you look into new windows in the first place?

MR. CARENDAR: Well, my old windows, they didn’t really look that bad, but all the seals had been compromised. I figured I need to start replacing before I had to start painting. I was looking for a product that would cut down on the heat penetration. I was looking for something that would reduce the energy loss and also be cost effective. I had interviewed 5 other companies. One company said I would have to pay someone to come out and take down my blinds and put them back up. I didn’t like that all.

US: How did you originally hear about Durante Home Exteriors?

MR. CARENDAR: Originally heard about you in the Home Mag. You were the last ones I called out. I went online and saw who you were and what you were. Called and spoke to someone who was cheerful and pleasant.

US: Mr. Carendar, what was it about Durante Home Exteriors that made you choose us over the 5 other companies that you interviewed?

MR. CARENDAR: We appreciated the incentive the representative gave us. Durante was very competitive with the five others. A lot of the decision was about price, but also I liked the fact the representative said they would take care of the blinds at no extra cost.

US: How was your experience in dealing with our sales representative as well as your experience with our workman who installed the new windows?

MR. CARENDAR: My experience with David was very smooth and efficient. The workers were really good and experienced also. There were two brothers and a third person, they said by having three people they could do the job in one day. I liked the way they did it. They took their time and did one at a time, so I didn’t have a lot of empty openings at any one time.

US: Mr. Carendar thank you very much for your time this afternoon. Thank you for taking the time to share your comments.

MR. CARENDAR: You’re very welcome.

The Finished Project

Our workman efficiently replaced the old windows in one day and now Mr. Carendar does not have to worry about his windows. His energy costs will be reduced and his home will feel comfortable all year round. His home is more energy efficient than ever.

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Mr. Carendar trusted his home to Durante Home Exteriors. He, along with thousands of customers who have chosen Durante Home Exteriors, was attracted to the way we do business. Durante is SUPER customer friendly, we have great customer service, and our products are engineered to help you lower energy costs. If you have been thinking about replacing your windows, here are some options to consider doing next:

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Durante Home Exteriors offers a complete line of energy efficient replacement windows, as well as many other affordable home improvements such as entry doors, composite decks, pergolas and sunrooms. Special financing is also available with approved credit. Durante Home Exteriors serves residents all across Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, Clarksville and many other Middle, Tennessee cities as well as Central and Northern Alabama.

Project Highlights
  • Replaced old wood windows that had seal failure
  • Installed energy-efficient double hung windows
  • Hung back up the blinds at no extra cost
  • Installed everything in a single day
“We appreciated the incentive the representative gave us. Durante was very competitive with the five other companies. A lot of the decision was about price, but also I liked the fact the representative said they would take care of the blinds at no extra cost. “