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To replace a house full of old wood windows on a Birmingham, AL home for a super-busy, “got no time” family.

What We Did

Victor and Cathy Shunnarah are like so many of our customers- their world is fast paced and their schedules are packed with kiddos, soccer practice, recitals, little league, long days at work, you name it. In essence the Shunnarah family is very short on time.

Which is the main reason they chose Durante Home Exteriors when it was time to replace all their old windows.

Durante makes it really easy on folks like the Shunnarah’s to do business with us. They needed a company that could deliver quality work and get it done with minimal disruption to their busy life. That’s exactly what we did. So here’s what happened:

DA-SC-90-03096Victor and Cathy called us for a free estimate because they had a house full of old drafty wood windows. We believe Ronald Reagan was in his first term when the windows were put in.

The issues they were having is that all their windows were losing air, the paint was peeling off, and the wood sashes were showing signs of rot. Basically they were looking at either patching + painting the old windows, which would probably have gotten them by for a few more years, or replacing them once and for all, which is the solution they ended up choosing.

The Finished Project

Maintenance Freedom. Durability. No more painting or staining. A better looking home. Better energy efficiency. These were the things that mattered most to the Shunnarah’s. They placed a very high value on their time, so they left the window replacement to a competent professional. Our installers efficiently replaced all their windows with very little interruption to their busy lifestyle.

Hassle-Free Next Steps:

If you are in need of quality home improvement and you’re short on time, then turn to the professionals at Durante Home Exteriors. We can save you time, save you money and we can help to make your home more maintenance free than ever. We offer an extensive product line including replacement windows, entry doors, pergolas and composite decks. Get in touch today. Simply Click Here to contact our friendly staff, or fill out the contact form to your right.

Project Highlights
  • Saved the customer time, energy and money
  • Removed all old wood windows
  • Installed high efficiency vinyl windows
  • Completed the installation quickly and efficiently
  • Customers are THRILLED
“The new windows look beautiful! No more painting. No more drafts. Life is good. “