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To completely renovate the deck and patio area on the back of Mr. Bogenschultz’s home by replacing and rebuilding his large worn out deck and install a new composite deck with an aluminum black hand rail system, also build a composite deck walkway with a unique clear hand rail system, plus build a large cathedral-style screen room on the other end of the deck.

What We Did

This was a very unique project to say the least.

When residents in CentMAIN BEFOREral Alabama and Middle Tennessee are looking for a professional patio builder, they turn to the pros at Durante Home Exteriors. And that’s exactly what Mr. Bogenschultz did. He had a rather large old wood deck on the back of his home that was overlooking a gorgeous wooded area. His home was very secluded and you felt like a thousand miles away from it all sitting on his back deck. He was looking for options so he called Durante.

Mr. Bogenschultz researched our company online before calling us for a free estimate. There were two main issues he needed us to solve:

  • The monstrous sized deck was so high off the ground plus was to be built over a steel slope. This meant we had to devise a way to build the new deck and screen room by anchoring the large deck supports into the ground with concrete footers embedded into the hillside.
  • The old deck was dilapidated, full of splinters and almost to the point where it was unsafe. Basically, was no longer usable.

Durante’s professional installers completed the patio project in different phases. First, we deconstructed the old deck and began building the skeleton of the new deck. Next, we built on one end of the deck a nice large screen room so the customer hand a place to relax and be protected from bugs, then on the other end we built a grilling area and large sitting area where you could cook out and relax.

Durante also built a composite walkway that connected the sitting area to the screen room, and the walk way was outfitted with a  very unique see-through hand rail system so that the beautiful view of the woods was not  hampered.

The Finished ProjectMAIN AFTER


Mr. Bogenschultz now has a new screen room, a new deck and a fantastic place to relax, entertain family and friends and enjoy the gorgeous view. The professional patio builders at Durante Home Exteriors built his patio in a timely and efficient manner and the finished product looks amazing.

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Project Highlights
  • Built New Composite Deck
  • Installed Black Aluminum Handrail System
  • Build Composite Walk-Way
  • Installed Clear Handrail System
  • Built Cathedral-Style Screen Room
"This is a stunning project! The composite deck and screen room looks out over the view of the woods. It makes you feel like you're a thousand miles away from it all."