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CASE STUDY | Windows | Mr. Hunt | Nashville, TN

The Objective

To replace all of the old fogged up windows with new replacement windows on the front of their Nashville home, plus install a new garden window over their kitchen sink.

What We Did For Them

Say Hello to Mr. Hunt in Nashville. He needed 12 windows replaced.

main after

IMG_3419The windows they had before were way beyond repair. The seals were broken, air could be felt leaking through, wood rot was developing around the frames. The Hunts were wanting to update their old windows and wanted a product that would be energy efficient and make their Nashville home airtight.

Also, Mr. Hunt is a Lawyer.

So needless to say he was in search of a home remodeling company that was of extremely high integrity and of great reputation. Mr. Hunt thoroughly researched Durante Home Exteriors reviews, he liked what he saw, and they gave us a call for a free estimate.

After we install new windows, Durante Home Exteriors reviews the job performance that we did with our customers, so that we can ensure their satisfaction was and is fully meet. We caught up with Mr. Hunt to see how we did, here’ what he had to say. These are the transcripts from our interview with him.

US: Mr. Hunt, what kind of problems were ya’ll having with the old windows?

MR. HUNT: The windows that we had were pretty old, they were fogged up and air was coming through. A lot of the seals were gone and some of the frames were rotten.

US: Mr. Hunt how did you guys find Durante Home Exteriors, and what made you pick us over other companies?

MR. HUNT: My wife did a lot of research on Durante Home Exteriors and check out the reviews that you have. She called you to have one of your guys come out, she was very pleased with the sales consultant.

The service you all provided was great. The guys who put the windows in did great, too. I remember one of the installers had a problem with his kid in school and had to leave the jobsite for a little while, and I noticed that the other installer backed him up very well so they didn’t lose any time putting the windows in.

US: Mr. Hunt, was there anything that our sales consultant did that you guys particularly liked?

MR. HUNT: The service and the people were all very great. They did recommended the TVA rebate so that alone gave us another $500 off. We’re very grateful for that because it was $500 extra dollars and ya’ll didn’t have to tell us about that.

The TVA did a preliminary inspection beforehand, and then did  a post inspection of the work you did, everything checked out.

US: Mr. Hunt, is there any area you can think of where we as a company can improve ?

MR. HUNT: Nothing that I noted that ya’ll could improve. It all went very well. We are very pleased! No complaints. I’m a lawyer and believe you me if I could find something I would.

US: Mr. Hunts thanks for letting us stop by we really appreciate you.

MR. HUNT: No problem.

Here’s How It Turned Out

The new windows that Durante Home Exteriors installed for the Hunts look fantastic and they are VERY pleased with the work that we did, plus we saved them another $500 by getting them qualified for the TVA Rebate.

The new windows are energy efficient, so the Hunts’ won’t have to worry about high utility costs every month.

The new windows require virtually no maintenance, so the Hunts’ won’t have to spend any of their free time worrying about maintaining old windows any longer.

The new windows look fantastic, which means Hunts’ curb appeal and resale value will be higher than ever!

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Project Highlights
  • Replace a house full of old fogged up windows.
  • Install a gorgeous garden window over kitchen sink.
  • Install high performance Sunrise Windows.
  • Successfully qualify customer for their $500 TVA Energy Rebate.
"My wife was very pleased with your sales consultant. Nothing that I noted that ya'll could improve. It all went very well. We are very pleased! No complaints. I'm a lawyer and believe you me if I could find something I would."
Mr. Hunt
Nashville, TN