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This Is What It’s Like When You Choose Durante For a Patio Door.

After Getting Delays and The Run Around From a Box Store, This Franklin, TN Couple Turned To Durante Home Exteriors For a Hassle Free Experience and a Sliding Glass Door They Love.

This is Their Story:

AFTTERWe wanted to bring you this Case Study that walks you through a recent sliding glass door installation we did for Mr. and Mrs. Bianchini, who live in Franklin, TN. If you’ve been thinking about door replacement, we hope Mr. and Mrs. Bianchini’s story will shed light on the subject of what your options might be.

We caught up with them one afternoon for an interview and this is what they had to say about their experience with Durante Home Exteriors.

Us: Mr. Bianchini, share with us what type of door you had previously, and what were the problems you were having with it that made you want to, call Durante to replace it?

Mr. Bianchini: We had an old French door. One side was stationary, the other side would open. The doors were old, the seals were gone, had some patch-work done on it, because the water continuously leaked in onto our new hardwoods that are only three years old. You could feel the air coming through in the cold weather and see light around the edges of the door. There was wood rot down below so we knew it had been leaking for a long time.

Us: Mr. Bianchini, how did you hear about Durante and what made you ultimately decide to hire us over another company?

Mr. Bianchini: Well, we had actually bought a door from a box store. We set up for their installation three months in advance, and their installers could not make that appointment, and they said they would have to make the appointment about a month later. It took six more weeks to get the door in, but then we were going to be out of town. We told them to keep the door and give us our money back. We had planned it three months in advance and then they kept giving us a bunch of excuses. It really drives me crazy when people tell you something they can’t really do.

DSC01436We chose Durante mainly because the lifetime warranties- we don’t want to have to deal with anything. We also feel like we got a good deal. We saw your display at the home show. We looked at all the models you had on display and the people there took down our information.

Everything with Durante’s representative was very good. We discussed getting the grids or no grids, but we are so happy with how the grids look.The clean up after it was put in was very well. They cleaned up their mess and did a very good job.

Us: Thank you for your time, we appreciate you sharing this with us.

Mr. Bianchini: You’re welcome.

 Do What They Did- Choose Durante For a Hassle Free Experience.

DSC01443Mr. and Mrs. Bianchini attempted to hire a box store to install their new door, but they were given delays and excuses instead of customer service and follow through.

At Durante Home Exteriors, we don’t have have red tape and we don’t give excuses- we get the job done right away and our customer service is a real breath of fresh air for customers who just need it done right the first time.

For instance our friendly office is highly trained, which means you can the answers you need-fast. Also, our workers are factory trained and highly professional, which means you will get a worry-free, professional installation. Also, we have iron-clad warranties on all the products we offer.

When you trust your home to Durante Home Exteriors, you can rest easy know the process will be hassle-free.

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Project Highlights
  • Removed drafty old French door.
  • Installed custom made sliding glass door
  • Provided a hassle-free experience from start to finish
"Everything with Durante's rep was very good. We discussed getting the grids or no grids, but we are so happy with how the grids look.The clean up after it was put in was very well. They cleaned up their mess and did a very good job."
Mr. Bianchini
Franklin, TN