What Makes Composite Decking Better Than Wood?

When it comes to outdoor living products, nothing has the power to transform your space into the oasis of your dreams quite like a new deck. However, not all decks are created equally—and choosing the right decking material for your wants and needs can make all the difference. Two of the most popular options are wood decking and composite decking, though there’s a clear standout winner between the two: composite decking. But why exactly is composite decking better than wood?

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You can admit it; you’ve put off maintaining that deck for some time now. I mean it has taken a beating over the years. It’s almost to the point that you need everyone to sign a waiver before stepping out there. And you’ve heard yourself repeating the words, “Watch out for those nails and splinters!” or, “Don’t lean on that rail, it may come loose!” It needs some paint, maybe a touch of sealant, and a lot of TLC. I

Time Lapse Video of How a Durante Home Exteriors Deck is Built

Thinking About a New Deck? Watch This Time Lapse Video of How a Durante Home Exteriors Deck is Built

Composite Decking from Durante Home Exteriors

  Revolutionary, Durable, Stunning, Lasting Satisfaction As stunning as it is strong, composite decking is designed to last. A revolutionary breakthrough in decking materials, it is the perfect union of natural beauty, cutting-edge technology and the ultimate in low maintenance. Could outdoor living possibly get any easier or more beautiful? We doubt it. Composite decking is the most beautiful, natural, and durable decking material. Other composite decking products just do not look as rich or natural as Horizon. NATURAL WOOD

3 FAQ’s about composite decking

  Are you tired of maintaining your old, rotting, wood deck? Composite Decking may be the solution! If you will notice, I said it MAY be the solution. Honestly composite is not the material for everyone. If you are a Termite, Woodpecker, or Carpenter Ant, then you will want to stick with a wood product, but if you are a Human, then Composite Decking is for you! Before you choose a composite deck you should be informed. Here are a few