3 Types of Sunroom Windows for Your Space

Adequate lighting breathes life into your sunroom plants to keep them growing year to year. The best way to capture sunlight is by installing the right windows in your sunroom. There are actually quite a few different window types to choose from. Line your sunroom with all of the same styles, or mix and match for success. Here are three awesome choices. Picture Windows Standard picture window sizes span far across your wall to bring in light and give you

What to Do about Storm Damaged Sliding Doors

Storms can be fierce, and wind-thrown objects can be incredibly dangerous. When sunrooms and sliding doors break, safety is paramount. Some winds may send projectiles hurtling at more than 130 miles per hour. Such forces can reveal a household’s interior, spell disaster for vinyl sliding doors and require immediate assistance. Protect the Area While protecting a window area is incredibly important, and while many homeowners utilize boards and shutters as resources, several areas may be left unprotected. Unfortunately, areas unreceptive of

3 Advantages to Installing French Doors for the Patio

Are you in the process of building a new deck or sun room? Are you trying to decide whether you should get a sliding glass patio door or French doors? Here are three advantages to getting French doors over a sliding glass door. 1. Energy Efficiency When you are trying to find patio doors that are the most energy-efficient, French doors are optimal because they contain a much tighter seal than glass patio doors. Sliding glass doors tend to lose

Weatherize Your Home for Winter

Winter is right around the corner, and thousands of Americans are preparing their homes for the possibility of yet another round with the polar vortex. Last year, the polar vortex plunged the country into phenomenally low temperatures, and many homes suffered from the extreme cold. While many choose to weatherize their homes in advance of cold weather, the upcoming 2014-2015 season only seems to be bringing colder weather much more quickly than in the past. In Nashville, the average temperature in

Special Pricing on New Windows- Just For 93.7 WDJC Listeners

If You Listen to 93.7 FM, Then You Will Receive Exclusive Discounts On ALL Durante Home Exteriors  Products Such as Replacement Windows. Is Your Home Ready For Fall? Durante Home Exteriors is offering the buying opportunity of 2014 to WDJC Listeners. Through a special partnership with the radio station, we are discounting all products exclusively for the WDJC listeners. All Durante products such as replacement windows and doors, siding, composite decking and sunrooms will be significant discounted.  These discounts are over and

93.7 WDJC Listeners Can Receive Special Pricing on New Siding

Durante Home Exteriors has Partnered With 93.7 WDJC to Bring Special Discounted Pricing on all Durante Products. Just in Time For Fall! If you need new siding for your Birmingham or Central AL home, and you are looking for a stunning deal, then you will find what you are looking for with the new partnership between Durante Home Exteriors and 93.7 WDJC.  At Durante, all products are being discounted for all 93.7 listeners. These discounts are over and above any other

Why should you get replacement windows?

Homeowners have much to gain from installing new windows. It costs more every day to heat and cool a home and those costs will continue to rise in the future. New windows will reduce energy costs by allowing the home”s air to stay inside of the house. Older windows tend to be single-pane and made of aluminum. These windows leak the home”s air because they are outdated and aged. Durante windows are constructed from highly energy-efficient PVC, which means they

Keeping Your Sunroom the Right Temperature All Year Long

When it comes to adding functional and versatile space to your home, there’s nothing better than a sunroom. When this room is fully insulated, it can be counted as actual living space, bringing up the value of your home. You can turn the room into a music room, a sitting area, an extra living room and lots more. It’s your sunroom, so do with it what you please. A sunroom in Nashville can be a bit tricky when it comes

Five Reasons to Use Sliding Doors inside Your Home

It’s never too late to include sliding doors within your home. If you happen to be building your home or getting ready to do so, you should definitely go ahead and plan on using these types of doors. Here’s a quick look at five excellent reasons to use sliding doors in your home: 1) Variety of Styles These types of doors are available in almost any style imaginable. You can get them with or without glass as well as in any color.

What is the Energy Star Rating and What Does it Mean?

-By Matt Myers The Energy Star rating signifies that the product will use less energy than products without the rating. Most people have seen the Energy Star label on washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, but many people don’t realize that installing Energy Star windows</span rel=”nofollow”> can save a significant amount of money while protecting your home from sun damage. Saving Money with Energy Star Many are bothered by products and ideas that are considered “Green”. But recently, Green products