Keeping Your Sunroom the Right Temperature All Year Long

When it comes to adding functional and versatile space to your home, there’s nothing better than a sunroom. When this room is fully insulated, it can be counted as actual living space, bringing up the value of your home. You can turn the room into a music room, a sitting area, an extra living room and lots more. It’s your sunroom, so do with it what you please. A sunroom in Nashville can be a bit tricky when it comes

Five Reasons to Use Sliding Doors inside Your Home

It’s never too late to include sliding doors within your home. If you happen to be building your home or getting ready to do so, you should definitely go ahead and plan on using these types of doors. Here’s a quick look at five excellent reasons to use sliding doors in your home: 1) Variety of Styles These types of doors are available in almost any style imaginable. You can get them with or without glass as well as in any color.

What is the Energy Star Rating and What Does it Mean?

-By Matt Myers The Energy Star rating signifies that the product will use less energy than products without the rating. Most people have seen the Energy Star label on washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters, but many people don’t realize that installing Energy Star windows</span rel=”nofollow”> can save a significant amount of money while protecting your home from sun damage. Saving Money with Energy Star Many are bothered by products and ideas that are considered “Green”. But recently, Green products

Home Buyer Beware: Checking Out Your New Home

After years of counting your pennies to save for a down payment, you have finally been pre-approved for a mortgage. You’ve spent hours touring homes with a real estate agent and have fallen in love with the natural light in the kitchen of your potential new home. But before you start dreaming of decorating and arranging furniture, you need to spend some time inspecting the house you are considering. Purchasing a home will be one of your largest investments, and before

Time Lapse Video of How a Durante Home Exteriors Deck is Built

Thinking About a New Deck? Watch This Time Lapse Video of How a Durante Home Exteriors Deck is Built

Summer Sale Kick Off Interview

Huge Rebates Happening Now on New Windows for Customers in Birmingham, Huntsville and Nashville. Receive $1,000 instant Factory Rebate + Received an extra $1,500 off your window purchase! Summer is not too far away- is your home ready?? ABC 33/40 – Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

Durante Home Exteriors expanding into Nashville

Durante Home Exteriors Continuing to Grow and Prosper-Despite the Suggish Economy At Durante, we are continuing to expand and grow our operations!! In February, 2014 we opened a Nashville office that will serve the Nashville and Middle TN region. We are kicking off the expansion with our annual ANNIVERSARY SALE which is celebrating the many years that Durante has been in business. This sale means special seasonal discounts on all Durante products. We debuted our innovative products to the Middle TN market at

Keep your home warm this Winter!!

You pay to heat your home, not nature! With cold weather upon us, the amount of time your heat is on has probably increased significantly. What if I told you that it may not need to run as much as you think? If you are like most people you would want to know more! Well Durante Home Exteriors is here to help! If your home is more than 10yrs old, then chances are you are losing the heat that you

4 Immediate Benefits of New Replacement Windows

4 ways new windows can help you NOW   It has become common knowledge over the past several years that new replacement windows can drastically reduce your energy cost. Lower energy cost means saving money! Everyone loves saving money, it is human nature. Not all of us however are willing to make an investment now that will save us money in the long run. The great thing about replacement windows is that the benefits can be instantaneous! Let’s look at

4 Benifits of composite vs wood

Cut your back a break! Choose a low maintenance composite deck over a wooden deck!   If you clicked on this post then chances are you are currently are considering a new deck! With so many options it can be quiet the task determining which product is best for you. There is one material that we think can benefit the vast majority of you! It is a composite material decking, and Durante Home Exteriors is your go to place to have