The peanut butter to our jelly

There are many great pairings in life, yin and yang, sushi and wasabi, but not many pair as perfectly as Durante Home Exteriors and our friends over at Hollywood Pool and Spas! When our Patio Division took off, we had customer after customer ask us “do you guys sell furniture or spas for my new deck” or “where can I get items for my new sunroom?!?” We had no clue where to send people! Eventually, we connected with the fine

Turn your part time screen room into a full time sunroom

  Get year round enjoyment with a Sunroom from Durante Home Exteriors!   Do you love your screen room, but wish you could enjoy it year round? Durante Home Exteriors is here to help! A screen room can be a great space, where you enjoy fun with the family without all of the bugs, but what if you want to enjoy your patio all year round? Well then you, like a ton of our customers may benefit from a sunroom

Kick the winter-time blues

  Think you have to wait until spring to spruce up your home? Think again! This blog will show you why the cold winter months may be the best time of the year to update your home. It’s no secret that the winter months are slower for the construction industry as a whole. This can be true for us here at Durante Home Exteriors, even more so than big national companies, because we are a smaller locally owned business. So

James Hardie lets you have your cake and eat it too!

  You wouldn’t paint your car in the driveway, so don’t paint your house at home.   Get the color you want, straight from the factory with Color Plus Technology by James Hardie. If you are looking to reside your home then you should consider a product that is built for beauty, strength, and reliability. Let’s look at a few key features that make James Hardie stand out above some of the other siding options.                   

The Eyes of your home

You may have eye issues and not even know it!!   It has always been said that the windows are the eyes of your home. They are what allow you to bring in natural light and see what Mother Nature has to offer each day. If you are like most people, the “eyes” of your home probably aren’t in the best shape. Maybe the frames are rotting if you have wooden windows, or if you have old aluminum windows your

Energy Saving for years to come!

Thinking about updating your homes E-ratings? Where do you begin? Here are some of the most effective upgrades you can make, to not only lower your power bills but increase your curb appeal at the same time! There are many different energy efficient ways to update your house. Here at Durante Home Exteriors, we offer some of the most ground breaking innovations in the industry to lower your power bills. From energy efficient windows, and doors, to a siding product

Dreams Do Come True!

  Is your concrete patio dingy, and disgusting? Then I have the solution for you! Durante Home Exteriors can provide the patio area of your dreams, with our great products from TEMO! With pergolas, patio covers, garden arbors, and more, it is easier than ever to have a patio to be proud of!   TEMO patio products are top-notch when it comes to beauty, durability, and maintenance freedom! Here are a few quick features that help these products stand out!

Retractable Screen Rooms Are Here!!

Got Bugs? Get on demand bug protection with a retractable screen room! Stop wasting your old outdoor space, and transform it into a place you will enjoy for years! New technology in the Patio Industry have allowed us here at Durante Home Exteriors to take outdoor living to the next level! Durante now offers retractable screen rooms! Imagine having a beautiful new patio cover over your existing slab. Now imagine having the ability to turn it into a fully enclosed

Why NOW is a great time to get a Sunroom!

You may be wondering why in the world you would invest in a sunroom in the middle of October? I can”t enjoy it in the winter can I? YES you can! With a Sunroom from Durante Home Exteriors, you can enjoy it ALL YEAR!! Our Transitions Sunrooms are built with a beautiful composite vinyl, and did I mention that the walls are highly insulated? Keep reading to find out how a Durante Sunroom can benifit you this winter and for years

Live Local, Buy Local

Why do people love Durante Home Exteriors so much? Maybe it”s because of the way our customers talk so highly of us, or maybe it”s just that house-hold name you know from your favorite Durante commercials. If you have an exterior home improvement coming up, here are a few reasons why YOU should do your homework with Durante Home Exteriors! Durante Home Exteriors has spent years building a satisfied customer base, and WOW does it show! We receive letters and emails