3 Types of Sunroom Windows for Your Space

Adequate lighting breathes life into your sunroom plants to keep them growing year to year. The best way to capture sunlight is by installing the right windows in your sunroom. There are actually quite a few different window types to choose from. Line your sunroom with all of the same styles, or mix and match for success. Here are three awesome choices. Picture Windows Standard picture window sizes span far across your wall to bring in light and give you

Keeping Your Sunroom the Right Temperature All Year Long

When it comes to adding functional and versatile space to your home, there’s nothing better than a sunroom. When this room is fully insulated, it can be counted as actual living space, bringing up the value of your home. You can turn the room into a music room, a sitting area, an extra living room and lots more. It’s your sunroom, so do with it what you please. A sunroom in Nashville can be a bit tricky when it comes

Turn your part time screen room into a full time sunroom

  Get year round enjoyment with a Sunroom from Durante Home Exteriors!   Do you love your screen room, but wish you could enjoy it year round? Durante Home Exteriors is here to help! A screen room can be a great space, where you enjoy fun with the family without all of the bugs, but what if you want to enjoy your patio all year round? Well then you, like a ton of our customers may benefit from a sunroom

Why NOW is a great time to get a Sunroom!

You may be wondering why in the world you would invest in a sunroom in the middle of October? I can”t enjoy it in the winter can I? YES you can! With a Sunroom from Durante Home Exteriors, you can enjoy it ALL YEAR!! Our Transitions Sunrooms are built with a beautiful composite vinyl, and did I mention that the walls are highly insulated? Keep reading to find out how a Durante Sunroom can benifit you this winter and for years