Choosing the Correct Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Vinyl siding has long been thought of as ugly, flimsy, and in constant need of repair. You may have experienced this with your house. Perhaps you have old siding that is cracked, warped or just ugly. What you may not know is that that vinyl siding, in fact almost no siding offers almost NO isolative properties. Even if it has a backer board made of isolative foam on the back, it only offers one R-Value of insulation. An R-value the amount of insulation that one inch of wood offers.

sidingHowever this is not true for all vinyl siding. As you can see, only Cedar Ridge Composite Siding, offered by Durante Home Exteriors offers between 3 and 4 R-values depending on the product. THIS IS THE SAME AS WRAPPING YOUR HOUSE IN 4 INCH THICK WOOD. This means Cedar Ridge saves you 20% on energy costs. This is because the CoRe and Neopor insulation used by Cedar Ridge absorb and reflect the radiant heat so it does not go into your home. The insulation is also bonded to vinyl 200% stronger than conventional insulated siding because of Cedar Ridge’s TXL Lamination Technology.

Not only is Cedar Ridge superior when it comes to insulating your house, but it had vastly superior quality than conventional vinyl siding. Its rigid core backing bridges and straightens out imperfections in walls so it goes on straight even if your walls aren”t. Also its panels are more than twice the size of conventional vinyl panels. This means 50% fewer seams. And where there are seams, their locking edge means that they are virtually invisible.


Once it is on your house, not only will it be superiorly insulated, but it offers a 45% reduction in outside noise! That means that you will no longer know every time a car goes past your house. Also, Cedar Ridge has proven 300% stronger than vinyl siding, and leverages a yield strength that is equivalent to 1/8” piece of aluminum. The advanced technology of Cedar Ridge also provides superb resistance to extreme temperature fluctuations. It maintains the same strength regardless of temperature, meaning it is ideal for homes in places like Alabama where there is extreme heat. This strength shows by the fact that it is resistant of winds up to 200 mph.

All of this strength and you are probably thinking it has to look ugly, right? Not so. Cedar Ridge has the look of hand milled Cedar. It also carries a life of home warranty. The choice is clear. If you want vinyl siding, go with Cedar Ridge.

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