Composite Decking Installation – Nashville, TN

When you first get a quote for composite decking in comparison to wooden decking, you will find that the composite option is more expensive. However, over the lifetime of your deck, the composite deck is actually going to be the more cost-effective option, and at Durante we will show you how.

Never Strip or Seal the Deck

If you install a wooden deck, you have to know about the lifetime care that it requires. Just as you have to strip and seal wooden floors periodically, the same can be said about your deck. The wood is going to be exposed to all of the elements, and you have to do what you can to protect it. With a composite deck, the protection is inherent because of the synthetic materials. This means you will never have to worry about stripping or sealing the deck, even as time goes on. It simply holds up against the elements without any additional maintenance.

Never Scrub it Clean

Deck scrubbing can be a very time-consuming task. The deck is out in the open, so there is going to be debris from the trees and from neighborhood animals. If you have guests outside eating and drinking on it, any spills can stain the porous wood floors, too. Before you know it, there are stains all over your deck, and you have to scrub it – or pay someone else to do it.

Composite decking doesn’t involve the same level of work. In most instances, you can clean your composite deck by spraying it off with a hose. This is going to save you time as well as money. The idea that it will always look good is worth the extra money upfront.

Never Have to Replace

Composite decking is appearing all over the place – at nature centers, campuses, apartment complexes and more. The reason is because it is stronger than a wooden deck. It’s not going to warp and crack like standard wood, and that means the likelihood of you ever having to replace your deck is so minimal that it shouldn’t be an issue.

You can have an amazing looking composite deck that will last you for the life of your home. Find out more about how to save money with this type of deck by contacting us today.

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