Composite Decking Transforms Outdoor Living

Anywhere traditional wood planking could be used, composite decking would outperform the natural product. Wood finishes endure approximately two years of seasonal abuse before requiring significant maintenance. Without constant attention, wood decks and walkways disintegrate in the elements. Sunshine, moisture and standard use inflicts constant strain on the wood surface and structure. Composite decking offers answers to every weakness exhibited in wood decking applications.

New Construction

Decks and walkways in commercial or residential settings designed with composite decking materials offer beauty and durability that cannot be surpassed. Many colors are available to compliment building colors or to imitate natural wood hues. Versatility allows the installation of composite decking on decks with multiple levels and steps in between. Spacing encourages water to pass through the surface without standing in puddles. Sunlight will not fade the colors or cause the composite to chip or crack with regular use.

Upgrade Projects

Disintegrating wood decks and cement walkways can be replaced with composite decking planks. Existing or new designs can be installed where the former structure has failed to endure. Colors can be changed to improve appearance while offering safe passage around buildings or providing an outdoor living space. In commercial applications, the decking composite endures heavy use without bending, warping or breaking. Composite decking is to outdoor living what beautiful carpet is to interior living.

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High-Traffic Areas

While most decks are close to structures, composite decking can be used on piers, boardwalks, across marshes and anywhere wood walkways offer safe passage. Brutal conditions will not decrease the lifespan of the composite materials. Protection from sunshine, wind, rain or hail is unnecessary since the composite is designed to resist fading, cracking and surface damage.

Endurance Trumps Price

Initial cost of installation will be higher than traditional wood products. Designers will calculate the difference between wood maintenance costs over the same 25 years. Other advantages include increased property values that translate to higher resale values. Home and business owners will recover most of the money invested in composite decking projects.

Final Evaluation

Customers who choose composite decking will remark about the striking beauty of the finished surface. In contrast to wood, the composite offers long-lasting strength and integrity through all kinds of weather. Ten years later, the composite material remains in the original color without pock marks or cracks. Switching to composite decking makes sense for anyone who wants to spend more time enjoying the deck than staining the surface.

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