Durante Home Exteriors: Common Complaints We Hear

Having quality windows is important for keeping energy costs low and home resale value high. However, homeowners who have windows older than 10 years old may find themselves with some common complaints of older windows. Here is a summary of the most common complaints associated with older windows and how having replacement windows installed can help to resolve these issues.

Poor Insulation

One of the biggest complaints that homeowners have about older windows is that they feel drafty. Standing next to the window or even in the same room, homeowners may feel a breeze coming in through a window that is closed. This happens because over time, the seals can become worn on older windows. Furthermore, windows of the past were not made with the same energy efficient qualities of many of today’s windows, such as argon-filled glass and low-E glass. By having new windows installed, homeowners can enjoy better insulation, which leads to lower energy costs throughout the year.

Bad Appearance

Older windows, if maintained well over the years, can add charm and character to a home. However, this is usually not the case. Instead, older windows can actually detract from the appearance of a home in the same way that old entry doors and sliding doors can. This can be a major problem for homeowners looking to sell in the near future, as low curb appeal can make it a real challenge to get prospective buyers interested in the home. Fortunately, having replacement windows installed can boost curb appeal and add value to the home in the process.

Not Enough Peace and Quiet

Older windows, by their very nature of offering poor insulation, tend to let in a lot more noise than newer windows. This can be a pain for homeowners who like their peace and quiet, and especially for those who work odd hours and need their rest during the day. Old windows may let in sounds from neighbors mowing lawns, dogs barking, airplanes flying overhead, and cars driving by. With replacement windows, homeowners can enjoy better sound insulation and will thus not have to worry about these problems.

Here at Durante Windows, we offer a wide selection of energy efficient, beautiful windows and doors for residential homes. We’re also proud to offer deals on new home vinyl siding, composite decking and railings, and even sunrooms to add value and beauty to any existing home.

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