Durante Home Exteriors in its 3rd  Year as an EBSCO Research Best Pick!

What is the Best Pick Reports?

2014_pic_companyBest Pick Reports is a very important and significant publication which is published by EBSCO Research, an independent research firm. EBSCO Research evaluates and documents the performance of home service providers in order to assist homeowners with the information they need to make the best decision possible when looking for a company.

EBSCO Research publishes this information in the Best Pick Reports booklet which is mailed out to homeowners in nine major metro areas. EBSCO Research conducts thousands of telephone interviews with homeowners each year who have had recent experiences with local service providers.

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Research Procedures

EBSCO Research performs rigorous and extensive customer satisfaction research to review home service companies, and then use this data to provide testimonials and objective, third-party ratings of companies in multiple categories. When EBSCO Research inspected Durante Home Exteriors, they found thrilled and satisfied customers!

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Why This Should Matter to You:

Knowing which company you can trust in and count on these days can be unfortunately very difficult. That is why Best Pick Reports can help you find quality companies who have been independently verified and evaluated. Inclusion in an EBSCO Research publication is a selective and significant achievement.

pic_side_1Durante Home Exteriors is proud to be a 3rd year EBSCO Research Best Pick. This Invitation Only distinction is quite an honor to have achieved and is yet another critical distinction between what we stand for as a company versus the competition.

This is just one testimonial out of 194 homeowner reviews, as conducted by EBSCO Research:

“They were amazing. They were efficient, right on their time schedule, and very professional. It was just an all-around great experience. There were no negatives to the company. I did process a lot of information before choosing that company, and I’m definitely planning on using them for another project very soon. They did 12 windows and 2 doors. I would say they’re an A+. “

Learn More About Durante

pic_side_2Durante Home Exteriors has been serving the socks off customers in the Nashville, Huntsville and Birmingham Metro areas. If you are looking for a company focused on YOU then call us! We offer outstanding customer service, and OCD level of professionalism and a brilliant lineup of products that will help your home look amazing. Click Here to get in touch.