Eco-Friendly Options with Replacement Windows

There are all sorts of eco-friendly options to consider when you are in need of replacement windows. Our windows are better for the environment and provide you with the added benefit of saving money on your electric bill. This is in thanks to the energy efficiency provided by the framing as well as the seals of the windows.

Window Coatings

Residential glass windows can have a coating that prevents UV rays from penetrating into your home. This ensures you have the ultimate level of energy efficiency. The low-conductive materials will keep you from having to run your air-conditioning all day and night to maintain an ideal temperature within the various rooms of your home.Durante Home Exterior Window

The coating on the glass will also be easier to clean. With just water, you can take dirt and grime off of the windows to keep them looking cleaner longer. This means you won’t have to use any chemicals, which can potentially leak into the soil and seep into various water sources near you.

Reduce the Energy Used

Our eco-friendly windows at Durante also have the ENERGY STAR logo on them, meaning the windows help to minimize the energy required in your house. We also offer window designs that have lower air-leakage rates. Regardless of whether you want an awning window design or a sliding one, we can ensure the air is not leaking in or out.

When we come to install a window, we take into consideration window orientation as well. If your windows are in direct sunlight for most of the day, it is going to require a different type of window than if it was in the shade. We will take the time to choose the best window so that you get the most eco-friendly option that is available on the market.

With window glazing and coating options along with low-conductive materials and low air-leakage rates, there are many ways to be eco-friendly when choosing replacement windows for your home. The small investment that you make in new windows can be compensated by knowing that you are doing right by the environment. You will also be able to save money throughout the year by lowering your electric bill because your air-conditioning will not be running as constantly.

Durante can show you how to be eco-friendly and replace your windows for a stronger, more energy-efficient option.

Durante can show you how to be eco-friendly and replace your windows for a stronger, more energy-efficient option. Check out our window gallery to see our work!

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