Enclose Your Swimming Pool with an all Weather Nashville Sunroom

Living in Nashville, Tennessee with an in-ground pool with beautiful composite decking once was the epitome of having it made. It was the “life doesn’t get any better than this” status of the new millennium. However, even a heated pool loses its appeal with a winter like Nashville just endured in 2013. My great asset out back had a tarp covering it for several months while I still had cost of the electronic and mechanical maintenance. I had safely installed expensive non-slip decking which did not account for winter ice and litters of fallen leaves. I determined to enclose it all with a beautiful fusion glass windowed sun room with sliding entry doors leading from either my family room or living room.

Sun Room Benefits Every Home With Energy Saving

Of course, a Durante built sunroom is beneficial with or without your own private swimming pool. A gorgeous sunroom surrounded by steel framed, heavy-duty mirrored glass will let in the energy efficient sunlight of winter days and yet protect you from the glare of hot summers, saving HVAC use while adding to the home size.

Mirrored Windows Filter My Sun and Neighbor’s View

The mirrored windows afford a panoramic view of my surroundings yet prohibit others being able to observe me swimming or soaking in hot tub activities. The artisans of Durante have been installing sunrooms in Tennessee and surrounding states more than a decade, and create breath taking, beautiful sunrooms where we owners formerly had decking, grass and leaf litter.

Roof sky lights over the pool permit daytime and star light ambiance, and functional mirrored windows surrounding the sunroom provide all the advantages of a private, year-round resort at home. The pool area remains free of outside dirt and litter and has the sunlight filtered through the coated windows to keep my guests and I warm in zero degrees, and yet it’s not blistering with Nashville’s summer heat.

Energy Saving Tax Credit, Utilities Savings, Property Value

The ambiance of a sunroom surrounding a lovely built-in swimming pool and spa increased my property value immensely and will assuredly make any future sale slick as the ice that used to form around my pool in its neglected winter months. Not that I would ever want to leave my own blue heaven. Who would? I have never seen a price on this kind of ambiance.

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