Energy-Efficient Window Replacement Options

An energy-efficient window can give you better temperature control in your home and help lower your energy bill. But which windows are truly energy efficient? Below we’ll discuss some of your options for energy-saving windows. 

The Most Energy-Efficient Window Styles

Some window styles are more energy efficient than others. Your best choice is a picture window because it’s a fixed window with an airtight seal. But if you would rather have a window that opens and closes, your next best energy-efficient option is a hinged window. This kind of window comes in awning, casement, and hopper styles, which are all the same except for the hinge placement. It’s an energy-efficient choice because it fits snugly against the window frame when closed but allows ample ventilation when open.

Find ENERGY STAR® Rated Windows

Check out a window’s label to see if it’s energy efficient. Windows with the blue ENERGY STAR sticker are a great choice because they are certified by the government based on National Fenestration Rating Council testing. Keep in mind that certification is based on climate and geography.

Look for Energy-Saving Features

For true energy efficiency, a window should have features that insulate and prevent draftiness. Some qualities can include an insulated mainframe, airtight construction, and a long-lasting seal with edge deletion.

Get Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Home

If you have a hard time sorting through your energy-efficient window options, you can get help from Durante Home Exteriors™. We’re the experts who can guide you to the right energy-saving windows for your home. Plus, we offer professional installation that will ensure a secure fit. Contact us today to learn more about energy-efficient window replacements.

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