Energy-Efficient Windows Tailor Made for YourModest dining room with black table and four chairs positioned in front of two energy-efficient windows. Chattanooga, TN, Home

The Tennessee landscape is arguably the most beautiful in the nation. Homeowners in the Volunteer State are treated to breathtaking scenery with every flip of the calendar. Along with the changing seasons, however, come extreme temperature fluctuations. And as picture-perfect as your Chattanooga yard might be, you won’t want to experience these uncomfortable temperatures inside your home. Fortunately, the pros at Durante Home Exteriors are here to help. We install high-performance, energy-efficient windows that enhance the thermal performance of homes in the area. Our top-notch products and unparalleled workmanship have helped us earn an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How to Tell if Your Existing Windows Are Energy Inefficient

At first glance, it may not appear as if your existing windows need replacement. However, some subtle indications might dictate otherwise. Be sure to call Durante Home Exteriors for energy-efficient windows if you notice:

  • Your windows are chipped or cracked
  • Your window’s frames are warped
  • A draft coming from your windows each time you walk by

How Our Energy-Saving Windows Will Improve Your Home

We know how unforgiving the Tennessee weather can be, which is why every window replacement we perform is completed with products designed to help local homeowners maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. Our energy-efficient windows have standard features like fusion-welded frames and sashes, so you won’t have to worry about your windows succumbing to severe weather conditions. What’s more, these energy-saving windows are also outfitted with a triple weather-strip barrier that keeps cold air from entering the home.

Chattanooga’s Window Replacement Experts

If you’re tired of seeing your energy bill grow each month, let your next phone call be to Durante Home Exteriors. We’ll be happy to visit your Chattanooga home to answer any questions you have about our energy-efficient windows and tell you about the lifetime warranty that will safeguard your investment.