Energy Saving for years to come!

Thinking about updating your homes E-ratings? Where do you begin? Here are some of the most effective upgrades you can make, to not only lower your power bills but increase your curb appeal at the same time!

There are many different energy efficient ways to update your house. Here at Durante Home Exteriors, we offer some of the most ground breaking innovations in the industry to lower your power bills. From energy efficient windows, and doors, to a siding product that provides up to an R value of 4, Durante has what it takes. Let’s look at some of the key features from each product that help seal off your home from the ever changing climate

  • Windows: With a high quality, composite vinyl window, like the ones from Durante, you can choose from many energy efficient packages, such as double, and triple pane windows, all filled with argon gas! On top of this, Durante CUSTOM FITS your windows! When the windows go in, it will create a remarkable seal that even the strongest drafts will not enter.

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  • Doors: Just like our windows, our doors are custom ordered to fit ever so tightly in your home. With insulated frames, the energy savings are top notch! A new entry door is a “double feature” because on top on the energy savings it also transforms the way people see your home. The front door is the first thing people see when they walk up, make it a beautiful impression!

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  • Siding: What does siding have to do with energy savings? If it is Cedar Ridge siding from Durante, then it could be a dramatic part of cutting energy costs! With an insulated foam backing, you can get up to an R4 value just from new siding! Plus it is an industry leader in maintenance freedom. No more painting or rigorous work, just to keep it in good shape.

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Here at Durante we have so many great deals on all of these products, just in time for cold weather. To schedule a free estimate or for more information, visit our website at

To speak with someone about your project, call one of our helpful, and friendly customer service advisors at 205.956.4110

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