FAQs for Siding

Some Frequently Asked Window Questions That We Get All the Time

If you thinking about new siding for your home, please take a moment and check out the list of frequently asked questions we get from hundreds of other homeowners like yourself all the time. We hope this will help clarify and simplify a lot of things for you.

1. What are some benefits of Durante Home Exteriors vs everyone else. What makes Durante so special?

Ah. We love this one. At Durante we focus on delivering extreme value and high levels of QUALITY. If you are looking for the bargain brand, don’t call us. BUT, If you want knock-your-socks-off-man-you-guys-are-amazing- type of service, if you want expert installation by certified, factory trained and experienced professional people, and if you want ironclad-to-the-max-we-mean-it type warranties, and if you want to maximum value for your money, than we are the company for you and you should call us yesterday.

2. What does siding really do?

Siding protects your home from the elements and also highlights its architectural style.

3. What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement is extremely low maintenance and highly durable.

4. What is insulated composite siding?

Insulating Composite siding is a maintenance free durable siding product we offer that has a foam backing which will increase energy efficiency, deaden outside noise, and reduce maintenance chores such as chipping and peeling.

5. How do I know if it’s time to reside my home?

When the siding you have now shows evidence of deterioration, wood rot, or water damage, you need to think about residing your home. Some time you can repair the problem and that’s all you need, but many times repairing is only a short-term fix.

6. What are some main benefits of residing my home?

Curb Appeal, Maintenance, Resale Value and Energy Savings are usually the main benefits of getting new siding.

7. What are some important factors in choosing my new siding?

Your architectural style, neighborhood, Climate, Maintenance, and Cost are the most important ones.

8. What does the residing process normally look like?

Step 1 is to remove the old siding, step 2 is inspect the existing structure, step 3 is to apply a weather resistant house wrap, step 4 is the installation, and step 5 is to relax and enjoy your new siding.

9. You have the Dream Designer design tool on the website, what is Dream Designer?

Dream Designer, is our online design tool that can help homeowners dream, create and see what new exterior elements look like on their home. In other words, you can dream it, create it and see it. Before you do it. And you can do it using a wide range of cladding products that blend high-impact design and colors with long-lasting, maintenance-free performance.

If you have any additional questions we can help with or if you would like more information on our siding or other products, please just give us a call at 205.956.4110 or just click to Contact Us Here.