FAQs for Sunrooms

A sunroom is an exciting project and naturally stirs up a lot of questions. Below is a list of some of the more common questions we get all the time.

1. What’s the benefit to me o to go with a Durante Sunroom over a conventionally constructed room addition?

A standard room addition, meaning it consists of studs, drywall, roof, windows, heating/cooling, painting, etc. is more costly and can take multiple weeks or months to complete than compared with our sunrooms. With conventional construction, you have to manage multiple subcontractors and your home will be a construction zone for a while. With Durante, you only have to deal with us, the sunroom will end up costing a fraction of what it would otherwise, and the construction process will go so much faster, and you won’t have to put up with living in a construction zone for so many weeks.

2. Is the glass in your sunroom energy efficient?

Yes! Our glass systems are high performance and will decrease solar heat gain and provide protection against harmful ultraviolet rays.

3. How long will it take to build my sunroom?

Many homeowners are surprised to lead that their new sunroom can be installed in a matter of just days, not weeks. Your custom ordered wall panels are built for you in the factory so that on-site installation fast and simple. How quickly it will take will depend on your installation schedule and weather.

4. If I am interested in financing, do you offer that?

Yes. We offer financing programs that are specifically geared towards home improvement projects. They are very popular with customers, so we can help with financing if you’re interested.

5. How does the building process begin?

You call us to schedule your free site inspection for the new sunroom. It’s free and doesn’t take very long. We’ll come out to your home, answer your questions, take measurements, and deliver an accurate quote for the cost of the project.

6. Do you have references if I need them?

Yes. We have been in business for a loooong time and will be happy to give you many references in your area. Just give us a call.

7. Where can a sunroom go?

Our sunrooms are tailor made to fit onto most homes. Many of our customers commonly hire us to enclose a deck, a patio area, or even build one from the ground up if they don’t have a deck. We offer a wide variety of sunrooms, so more than likely we have a sunroom that can be adapted for your home too.

8. I am concerned about how a sunroom will look on my home. Can you help with this?

Yes. A sunroom is a major investment that can totally change the look of your home. That is why we offer a free design service that will help you envision what the new sunroom will look- BEFORE you ever begin the project.

If you have any additional questions we can help with or if you would like more information on our sunrooms or other products, please just give us a call at 205.956.4110 or just click to Contact Us Here.