How Long Do Composite Decks Last?

How Long Does Composite Decking LastAre you considering have a deck installed in your backyard? Doing so can certainly improve your enjoyment of your outdoor space, as a deck makes for a perfect spot for relaxing on lazy weekend afternoons, throwing a birthday party for the kids, grilling hot dogs and burgers for game day, and other favorite pastimes. If you’ve been researching decking materials that will work best for your home, you’ve likely come across composite decking as an option. Composite decking is praised for its longevity, particularly compared to wood decking, but how long will a composite deck actually last?

Expect Many Decades of Enjoyment

Composite decking is specially formulated for outstanding resistance to weathering and can last as long as 25-30 years. How is it able to last so long? The composite boards are made up of recycled materials, rather than lumber, and are not affected by moisture damage. For instance, a composite deck will never warp, splinter, or grow mold. And, because it contains no wood, it holds no interest for termites, eliminating another concern with maintaining a traditional wood deck.

Hire the Right Contractor

Even though composite decking is designed for long-lasting durability, it will need to be installed correctly if you want to reap that benefit to its fullest. That’s why it’s so important to hire the right deck builder for the job. Composite decking is not inexpensive, so if you’re going all in to improve your backyard, you want to be sure that your investment pays off.

Your Source for World-Class Composite Decking Installations

If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space in Alabama with a hardwearing composite deck, turn to the experts at Durante Home Exteriors™. We are masters at designing and building composite decks for our valued customers. When you partner with us, we’ll take the time to listen to your wants and needs, and then we’ll design the perfect new deck for your home—completely customized for your family’s use.

Designing Your New Deck

There are numerous colors and realistic woodgrain patterns to choose from to get the exact look you want. And there are plenty of accessories, such as railing and LED lighting, to complete the look. We can even build an upper deck or multi-level deck for your home.

Industry-Best Composite Decking

At Durante Home Exteriors™, we use only the best quality composite decking on the market. That way, you know you’ll be able to enjoy your new outdoor space for years. Your new composite deck will resist fading, and it’ll never have to be sanded or painted like wood decking. Simply spray it off with the garden hose and it’ll look like new!

Schedule Your Consultation

We’d love to hear your ideas for your new deck. If you’re ready to get started, contact Durante Home Exteriors™ today to schedule your free design consultation. We’ll also be able to tell you more about why composite decking is the right choice for your home.