How to Maximize Natural Light with Windows and Doors

The right windows and doors are key to maximizing natural light throughout your home. If you’re looking for ways to increase the brightness throughout your home with new windows and doors, here are some tips.

Exterior Doors

For your front entry doors, consider designs that include decorative glass elements. Rather than opting for a solid door, front doors that include glass sidelites, transoms, or decorative glass will make a big difference in maximizing the light throughout your home. For patio doors, consider options that feature narrow frames and no grid lines. With a larger expanse of glass, you’ll allow light to flow into your home without obstruction.

Replacement Windows

Choosing the right window styles can also help you maximize natural light inside your home. Bay and bow windows are ideal for maximizing sunlight, as they extend beyond the boundaries of the home to let in light from more angles. Large picture windows can allow for a larger expanse of glass that lets light pass through easily.

Placing a mirror or other reflective elements opposite any window style you prefer for your home can also help maximize your sunlight. No matter what window styles you choose, keeping the glass clean on both sides can also make a big difference in how much natural light you’re able to enjoy throughout your home.

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