How You Can Benefit from ENERGY STAR® Tax Credits

How You Can Benefit from ENERGY STAR® Tax CreditsDid you know you can benefit from tax credits for having ENERGY STAR-certified products installed at your home? It’s true! As if you needed more reasons to choose replacement windows, doors, and more from Durante Home Exteriors™, it’s possible that you can also benefit from a tax credit. From 2017-2020, the tax credit was 10% for up to $500 for certain products, but this credit could be increased in future years, helping you save even more.

Claiming Tax Credit for Replacement Windows & Doors

Since all of our replacement windows and doors are ENERGY STAR certified, you are able to benefit from tax credits offered via ENERGY STAR, which is a government-backed symbol for energy efficiency through the federal government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As long as your Durante Home Exteriors™ windows and/or doors were installed in your primary residence, you’re good to go! And even if you didn’t replace all the windows and doors at your home or were simply installing a new one where there wasn’t previously, it could still count for earning the credit.

When you have your windows and doors installed or replaced by Durante, you’re benefitting from their superior quality already—now you have a chance to benefit from tax credits, too.

Other Ways You Can Save

While you can possibly benefit from ENERGY STAR tax credits when you work with us, you’ll also profit from your expertly installed replacement windows and doors from Durante Home Exteriors™ in many other ways as well.

The exceptional energy-efficiency of our replacement windows and doors comes from their high-performance materials that are reliable and sturdy. Our windows feature a triple weather-strip barrier to guard against air infiltration that can affect the temperatures in your home and place a hefty strain on your HVAC system. As most of us know, when your HVAC system has to work harder, your wallet feels the strain, too. Because of this, switching to energy-efficient replacement windows and doors like ours has the potential to save you on energy costs, as well as protect you from uncomfortable drafts and heat loss. Plus, you can’t beat our selection of customizable colors and styles, and a beautiful home that fits your taste always sounds like a benefit to us!

A True Investment

While you may able to benefit from tax credits with the products we install, perhaps even more importantly, you’re making an investment in your home. All of our services are completed by the best of the best, and since you can customize the appearance every step of the way, you can be sure it’s a look you’re going to love for years to come. Plus, all of our products are extremely durable, so you can rest assured that your replacement windows and doors will last. With improved appearance as well as energy efficiency, there’s no better way to invest in your home than by trusting your home improvement project to Durante Home Exteriors™.

Start Benefitting Now

If you already have replacement windows and doors installed by Durante Home Exteriors™ at your home, ask us how apply to benefit from ENERGY STAR tax credits today. If you haven’t yet experienced how our products and services can improve the look and energy-efficiency of your home, why not start now? Contact us today to learn more.