Keep your home warm this Winter!!

You pay to heat your home, not nature!

With cold weather upon us, the amount of time your heat is on has probably increased significantly. What if I told you that it may not need to run as much as you think? If you are like most people you would want to know more!

Well Durante Home Exteriors is here to help! If your home is more than 10yrs old, then chances are you are losing the heat that you pay so much for! Heat rises, this is a fact that we all know. This is why it can be so hot in your attic! Without proper insulation your attic can be the reason your heating bills are so high! Let’s look at how Durante Home Exteriors can help!

As you can see in the picture above, we offer two different options, which can be sold together for the ultimate

blown-in      attic

energy reduction, or separately to still reduce your homes energy use.

Let’s talk about the first choice that most of us recognize. Blown-in fiberglass insulation has been the most popular insulation option over the past decade or so, and for good reason. It offers incredible reductions in your homes heating costs. Here at Durante we offer several different R-Values when it comes to the blown in. Here in Alabama, the U.S Department of Energy says that you need anywhere from an R-30 to R-60 rating in order for your home to be as energy efficient as possible. If your insulation has settled down in thickness over the years just give us a call and we can have you back to peak efficiency in no time with a fresh coating of blown-in insulation!

“But what about the shiny stuff on the ceiling?”

That is a great question!

The product shown on the rafters of the attic is our wonderful reflecting barrier! This product works magic! This works simply by keeping the heat from the summer sun from entering your attic! It reflects the energy right back out to keep your cooling costs down! Just like it reflects heat from entering your home it also keeps the heat in your home during the winter! When you run your heat there will be no more of your hard earned dollars rising straight out of your roof. This product will reflect the heat back down in to the home keeping you from having to heat as much for as long!


As you could imagine, using one or both of these products could drastically reduce your energy consumptions and cut down on your heating bills. If you want to start saving during the cold winter months just give us a call and we can schedule a free estimate! Our number is 205-956-4110 also visit our website for more information on these products. Our website is  

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