Are Replacement Windows Worth It?

Over time, older windows can lead to poor insulation, drafty rooms, and increased energy costs. Furthermore, old windows can be a drawback for those trying to sell their homes, as old windows can detract from curb appeal and overall resale value. Still, many homeowners are hesitant to have replacement windows installed at their homes because of the high price tag that can come along with them. However, having replacement windows installed can pay off in many ways, both in the short term and long run. Here’s how.

Increasing Home Value

Replacing old windows with new ones immediately boosts a home’s value and is one of the most cost-effective improvements homeowners can make. This is especially true for those looking to sell their homes in the near future; new windows are a huge selling point for prospective home buyers. Not to mention, new windows add to a home’s curb appeal, which can draw attention from more buyers.

Lowering Energy Costs

Old, drafty windows offer poor insulation. As a result, homeowners’ heating and cooling systems need to work harder throughout the year to keep the home comfortable. This means higher heating and cooling costs for homeowners and higher maintenance and repair expenses for the HVAC system. Having replacement windows (and perhaps even new entry and sliding doors) installed throughout the home helps to make it more comfortable while saving homeowners money. In a sense, a good chunk of the costs associated with having replacement windows installed can be earned back in energy savings alone.

Sound Reduction

Old windows do not offer protection against heat or cold nor sound. Homeowners can enjoy more peace and quiet in their homes by having replacement windows installed. Since they will provide better insulation, less noise from outside will be able to enter the home. This means no more listening to the neighbor’s annoying dog barking at six in the morning and no more frustration when people in the neighborhood decide to start mowing their lawns and doing yard work later in the day.

There is no understating the benefits that come with replacement window installation. At Durante Windows, we specialize not only in replacement doors and windows, but also siding, decking, and even sunrooms. Our ultimate goal is to provide all of our customers with quality, dependable service at reasonable prices in the Birmingham, Hunstville, and Nashville areas.

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