What to Do about Storm Damaged Sliding Doors

Storms can be fierce, and wind-thrown objects can be incredibly dangerous. When sunrooms and sliding doors break, safety is paramount. Some winds may send projectiles hurtling at more than 130 miles per hour. Such forces can reveal a household’s interior, spell disaster for vinyl sliding doors and require immediate assistance.

Protect the Area

While protecting a window area is incredibly important, and while many homeowners utilize boards and shutters as resources, several areas may be left unprotected. Unfortunately, areas unreceptive of a good “board-up” technique and those without shutters are normally large, glass sliding doors. These areas can become incredibly dangerous when shattered, and vigilance and consistent pick-up is required.

When the glass is shattered, rain, wind and exterior debris will often enter the household. Additionally, households with tile roofing may pose threats to families. Weather.com has proposed acquiring shutters pre-storm to prevent any additional, flying projectiles once a household becomes vulnerable to detached tiles.

To secure an exposed area and to prevent glass-caused injuries, take the following steps immediately:

  • Sweep up any debris, standing up-wind of any glass.
  • Utilize garbage bags and a roll of duct tape. Tape several bags together, and hang them vertically from the glass door’s upper frame
  • Leave cracks between these downward strips. The cracks will let wind pass without inflating or tearing the bags
  • Line the strips’ bottoms with duct tape, and place towels along the perimeter.

The Aftermath

Once these steps have been performed, acquire any pre-stored plywood. The “bag buffer” will prevent any immediate damages caused by depressurization and wetness. Place the plywood behind the bags to create a second “layer” of protection.

Once the storm has passed and once the area has been recleaned and resecured, professional sliding door replacement will be required. Often, exterior decking may be damaged due to the initial shattering. If this is the case, it may be necessary to locate adequate composite decking replacement. Service providers often act quickly, and their nonintrusive replacements work well for many home environments. Remember, safety is always a priority. Before focusing on replacement, secure the area, and keep the household safe from any flying debris.

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