Providing Top-Notch Tub-to-Shower Conversion Services to Homeowners in Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Nashville, & Surrounding Communities

Bright white remodel bathroom. Glass shower and granite counters.Do you currently have an outdated bathtub where you’d prefer a sleek, modern step-in shower? If so, Durante Bath & Showers has just the solution you need. As a full-service home improvement company serving homeowners in Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Nashville, and the surrounding areas, we are proud to offer expert tub-to-shower conversion services that can transform the bathroom at your home faster than would be possible with a traditional renovation.

What Is a Tub-to-Shower Conversion?

A tub-to-shower conversion involves the professional removal of an existing bathtub before a new, custom walk-in shower is installed in its place. At Durante, we specialize in this service and other bathroom remodeling solutions, meaning the bathroom of your dreams is closer to becoming a reality than you may think.

Why Choose Us for Your Tub-to-Shower Conversion?

With a tub-to-shower conversion completed by Durante’s team of skilled and trained experts, you’ll benefit from a new step-in shower that is:

  • Safe and accessible – Unlike a traditional bathtub/shower combination, a step-in shower doesn’t feature any high tub walls that could become a hassle or even a danger to any elderly or mobility-impaired members of your household.
  • Fully customizable – Choose from an array of aesthetic and functional features to create a new shower that suits your lifestyle and preferences perfectly.
  • Low maintenance – Constructed from premium materials that make them remarkably durable and easy to maintain, cleaning your new shower will be an absolute breeze.
  • Installed expertly – With Durante on your side, you tub-to-shower conversion will be completed fast, yet flawlessly.

Learn More Today

If you’re ready to revitalize the bathroom at your home with a tub-to-shower conversion completed by the local bathroom remodeling experts, it’s time to give Durante Bath & Showers a call. Contact us today to learn more about our services for homeowners in Birmingham, Huntsville, Chattanooga, Nashville, and surrounding areas.