Vinyl Siding for Your Home in Tuscaloosa, AL

Vinyl Siding Tuscaloosa ALIf you would like to install vinyl siding on your home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, trust Durante Home Exteriors to get the job done right. We offer two world-class brands of siding, HardiePlank, manufactured by James Hardie, and Cedar Ridge, made by Crane. By offering two premium brands with unique benefits, you’ll be able to choose the type of siding that best suits your Alabama home and the needs of your loved ones. These products are similar to vinyl siding in that they can easily resist long exposure to the elements with no sign of wear or decay, but they are in fact superior, boasting a number of features that make them far more durable and energy efficient.

Here are just a few of the benefits that differentiate our brands from vinyl siding and make both of them truly exceptional:

  • HardiePlank
    • Is crafted out of fiber cement that grants each individual board unparalleled strength
    • Incorporates a HardieWrap barrier that prevents air infiltration and improves energy efficiency
    • Is highly resistant even to direct impacts, and is capable of weathering torrential rain, hail, and powerful heat sources with no sign of melting, wear, or cracking
  • Cedar Ridge
    • Is made out of a polystyrene-graphite blend that is significantly stronger and provides much better insulative ability than wood or vinyl siding
    • Features a unique construction that also provides significant sound-dampening ability, allowing it to block 45 percent of outdoor noise
    • Has a hand-milled cedar-grain finish that allows it to closely mimic the look of real cedar wood with none of its weaknesses

For more information about how our products are a superior choice over traditional vinyl siding, or to inquire about the other home improvement products we have available in Tuscaloosa, AL, contact Durante Home Exteriors today.